End of the World: The Beginning by Nesly Clerge – Spoilery Review (Kind of a Rant Review)

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Title: End of the World: The Beginning
Nesly Clerge
Series Name: Unknown
Genre: Short Story Thriller/Sci-Fi/Dystopian
Publication Date: January 31st, 2017
Pages: 119 (eBook)
Publishers: Clerge Books, LLC
2 Star

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The year is 2050. The Order of World Society governs the globe, the weather, the currency, and all facets of people’s lives. The Peace for All Agenda is anything but peaceful. Scientist Gayle Conyers’ life in this new societal structure is orderly, routine, focused, safe. Then it isn’t. A renowned scientist forces her to work on a secret project that goes against her ethics and the Order. A protester warns her about the Order’s web of deception and the approaching end of days. Gayle soon finds herself with a foot in two worlds: A scientific realm that intends to alter humanity for all time, and a spiritual one, where she’s enmeshed in stories of prophecy, destruction, and the Apocalypse. Gayle remains skeptical. Until the Event that stuns the world, one that causes her to face the realization that this may, indeed, be the beginning of the end.


*I received a copy of this eBook for review in March.

I have finally gotten to this book, I honestly forgot about it, but anyway I have finally got to it

This book is meant to be in the first book in a series, it is only about 100 pages and it is really only the beginning of the series. Setting scene, a lot of info dumping and not much else.

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First I want to point out that this book has ‘Entry’ not ‘Chapter’, making it so it appears as a journal entry or similar. However it is not written as so, it is written as a normal story except maybe the first 2 chapter. The first 2 chapters feel like a journal entry, starting ‘To whomever finds this journal’. But how it starts out it implies that the writer of the journal is speaking of things she experienced in the past, but after the first 2 chapters that changes.
Chapter 3 starts out as if it is a journal entry and then converts to a normal book as she is watching and interview and writes word for word what was said in that interview. If this was a journal she was writing about the past, how was she able to recall the exact wording, and would it have not made more sense just to write and overview of what was discussed in that interview. Chapter 3 just felt off and like the author had the journal idea at the start and then just kinda gave up and started writing like a normal first person POV book.

There is a lot of scientific terms used in this book that not everyone would understand. Even though this book was only 100 pages it took a few hours to read due to that it was difficult to read between trying to understand the scientific parts and the religious parts.

The religion, well first off I am not religious. In the slightest. I know basically nothing about the more detailed parts of religion so I honestly don’t even know if this is from Christian, Apostolic, Church of England, etc. I can’t recall them mentioning a certain religion, there is quotes they says is from the bible and I’m assuming the author used quotes from an actual bible, like I said I’m not religious so I don’t know if the quotes in this book are accurate to real religions in our world.
My main issue with the religion was that there was literally so much talk of it that it over powered the plot. There was literally chapters of just listening to people or having a discussion about religious views. Like I said it completely overpowered the actual plot of the story and just got a bit annoying.
A lot of it didn’t make sense and the author tried to mix fantasy elements in with religion by saying things like giants are the result of one of the ‘fallen angels’ mating with  human?! Sorry what? And because these giants were part angel they were intelligent and had powers like changing forms. I’m just so confused.
On the same religion topic, at one point it was mentioned that humans aren’t alone in the universe, that there is other life out there but, correct me if I’m wrong, I thought that one of the religious views was that humans were the only thing god created and in his own image or whatever the wording actually is.. (I’m honestly taking this bit of knowledge from the movie Paul, just saying).

If I’m wrong about that last bit then please correct me and I will get rid of it. Like I said I’m not actual religious this is just from the basic stuff I know and I remember from when I had to do RE a couple times in school because Mum forgot to sign or give me that form that said I wasn’t to do RE..

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What plot? There was hardly any actual plot. This entire book was basically info dumping. The only things that actually happened in the story was that she watched and interview, a guy turned up and offered her a new job, she checked out the lab of the new job, she was made to accept, some guy snuck in her house and they discussed religion, there was a storm thing, the storm stopped and a giant hand came out of the sky. There you go plot summed up in 50 words.

Also if someone breaks into your house and when you find them, and you have some type of object in your hand to knock them out with, you don’t pause when you seem then leaning down looking in the fridge. You take that distractions and hit them with whatever you have.. Stupid woman, he could have easily been someone there to murder her and her family rather than some guy that just wants to talk. In my opinion act and ask questions later when it comes to people breaking into your house.. That scene was just stupid to me.

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The characters were very two dimensional, there wasn’t really much to any body except our main character, who I literally cannot think of the name of. Can you tell how much I actually cared for this book? Gayle, her name is Gayle. So yeah Gayle was a little bit developed, not a heap though. There was always thought process when she was making decisions, but when it got to making a decision, the decision that it looked like she was favouring was the opposite of what she choose. That happened more than once and was just utterly confusing and pointless.

Also who names their twins Nellie & Kellie.. Just asking? As if people aren’t going to get them mixed up as they are twins, but give them basically the same name? What?!

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Okay so as you can see this book wasn’t great in my opinion. I think even for someone who is religious, the religious side of this book would still be a little excessive. I was glad there was no romance, but guess why that was?! Because they use sperm donors and have sex with fake men/penis’s to loose their virginity so no one can contract STDs.

I have nothing against religion or people who are religious, but it is not something I want to read about in that excessive amount, if there is religion in books then sure whatever but that was just to much. If I had known that this book was religious focused when accepting this book I would not have accepted it. Simple as that. I feel like I just wasted my day on this book when I could have been reading something else.
And also this book was advertised to me as Sci-Fi in the email I received but besides the general advancements in technology there isn’t anything Sci-Fi really about this book..

I will not be reading the next book. There isn’t even anything on Goodreads to suggest there is another book coming but on goodreads the name says in brackets (book 1) and it ends like there is meant to be more..

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