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So I thought this tag sounded interesting but I don’t know how many of these I will actually remember.. The ones I don’t remember I will just leave blank! I saw this over at The Bookish Wanderer and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the full tag as she says that she narrowed it down to 20 questions and that is the questions I’m doing, I think 20 is enough for one tag!

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First and only is English

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I had tonnes of toys as a kid but don’t remember any of them really or ever playing with any of them. The earliest toy I can remember was one of those stuffed dogs that you can still get at Australia Post shops.

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The first bookish account was Little Book Owl, I don’t remember the first ever though!

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Switched by Amanda Hocking

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I honestly have no idea which I remember seeing first, I love Spirit as a kid does that count?! Who am I kidding I still love Spirit.

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Samsung C5220

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Year 9 I think, I was suspended. I had got detentions before that but that was the first actual suspension and it was because I said a joke to a teacher… Gotta love it.

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Checkout operator at FoodWorks

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Check my notifications and reply to blog & Insta comments

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Why the hell is my alarm going off on a sunday?

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“Just getting changed and then I’ll tell him. Is Chad coming in at 10 too?”

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Never had one.

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Besides Ears it was tongue

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Wolf on my right forearm. There is a pic in my ‘about’ page.

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Katy Perry in 2014! Was so good!

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Depends what the exciting thing is

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Because I’ll be doing them every Sunday, I am only going to tag 2 people in each so I’m not tagging the same people all the time! So each week I will tag my latest 2 followers! These will also be only followers that I follow back as well as there is no point in tagging someone I don’t follow.

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17 thoughts on “Tag Sunday – The ‘My First Time’ Tag

    1. Thanks! And I have never even considered taking out my tongue piercing. I’m so used to it that I literally forget I have it unless someone mentions it.. 😂 and I was so happy when I got it done because it didn’t hurt or swell at all! Was perfect! 👌🏻 and thanks, need to get another soon but money. 😫

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  1. This is such a fun tag!
    Hey, I don’t mean to be pushy… but are u gonna do the high school book tag? U don’t have to do it, really… just wanted to know if you have plans on doing it, since I tagged you…
    I’m really looking forward to seeing ur answers if you decide to do the tag 😁

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    1. The questions for that tag are basically the exact same as I have answered in the past through other tags. I look for tags now that are unique because I have done so many of them.. so no, I’m not doing that tag as I don’t see the point in transferring the same questions.

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    1. Yeah, that happened and it’s wasn’t necessarily a joke, but it was a phrase that I used to use 24/7 and she had heard it 100 times before then.. must have been in a shitty mode that day… No idea.
      Was pretty good though, it was an in school suspension, so I literally say in the library all week completing my assignments which means I got them all done and had time to email drafts to teachers and get feedback and ended getting good marks because I actually had time to finish them all and correct them properly which I wouldn’t of had without it because we only had outside of school time to do them normally and I used to work most afternoons and Saturdays. And had other commitments too…
      Best term I had for assignments. Worked out great! 😂


    1. No nothing like that!
      I’ve never been on a date..
      I’m just not interested in relationships at the moment.. I live in a small town and all the guys here around my age I have known since preschool and I would never date any of them.. they feel more like family than anything else.. so the couple ‘boyfriends’ I had during school never lasted and when in school the closest thing to a date was chillen at the skate park after school 😂
      And since leaving school I have only had 1 boyfriend and we much preferred to sit at home and watch movies and order in pizza than go out anywhere..

      So yeah, never been on a date..
      But in this town the only options really are going to the local pub on a Friday night and staying till 3am… In a small country town that’s about all you got 😂

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      1. Aha! I though you might have wrote that answer because it was a funny experience or something like that 😋 I never even thought about how hard dating must be in a small town. Thanks for sharing that! Ps. I think watching movies while eating pizza can totally count as a date 😂

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