Tag Sunday – Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag

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I’m back for another tag Sunday! I saw this tag over at A Dreamer’s Library! Make sure you go check out Emma’s blog! This is a pretty short and easy tag which is awesome because most of the ones I have seen lately have tonnes of questions!

So straight onto the questions!

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The twilight series would definitely be a book that I will never pick up! I have never had a single thought of either reading or watching that series and never will.


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Carven the Mark by Veronica Roth, I couldn’t even finish the first book so I highly doubt I will ever pick up the next book when it comes out!

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There is a fair few classics that I’m not interested in reading purely because they aren’t genres I enjoy as much. But one example would be Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.


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Adult Romance or Erotica! Not interested in the slightest!

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The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I was given this book a few years ago but I will never read it. I have watched the movie and just thought it was crappy overall. The only book by John Green I have or will read was Paper Towns and that is because of that kind of mystery element it had in it. I watched the movie for it first and it was really good so I then read the book, but The Fault in Our Stars is not something I am interested in reading!

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Because I’ll be doing them every Sunday, I am only going to tag 2 people in each so I’m not tagging the same people all the time! So each week I will tag my latest 2 followers! These will also be only followers that I follow back as well as there is no point in tagging someone I don’t follow.

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