June 2017 TBR

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It’s June already! Well it is tomorrow anyway! I’m writing this on the last day of May while watching State of Origin, pretty sure we are going to lose as its Qld 4 – 24 NSW at 60min in.. And as writing this NSW just scored another try… Yeah not our game today, hopefully we can come back in the next two!

Anyway, onto the books I want to read! These are all books I own!

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I’m only putting 5 books on my TBR but hopefully I will get to more than that! I will be participating in the Summer Bookish Bingo and the challenges for that may have a impact on which books I read but because the Bingo card hasn’t been posted by the creator yet I don’t know what the challenges are. But I definitely want to get to Caraval! I also want to read Geekerella next to break up all the fantasy reads!

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And that is all for this post! Hopefully I will continue to have good reading months!

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4 thoughts on “June 2017 TBR

    1. Well I’m Australia. So I’m actually 2 hours into the beginning of Winter haha. I also don’t really read to season o. Have any genre preferences or anything for certain times of the year haha. But I will hopefully be reading it this month! I would have read it last month but just ran out of time. 😊

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      1. Ah right. My aunt and uncle live in Australia and I remember the opposite seasons from Canada. They always sent me pictures of their Christmas tree in shorts and t shirts and we were covered in snow 🙂

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