January 2017 World of Wizardry Geek Gear Unboxing


Yay, another Geek Gear! I love this subscription service!

Alos, Geek Gear has a new subscription service available! Will leave the information below with the rest of the info about the book.

What you need to know about the subscription box

So first I’ll tell you all you need to know about this Subscription box.

Here is the link to the website.

This subscription box is based in the UK and I live in Australia.. So, I will have UK pricing and Australia, but only shipping prices for Australia.

They also offer an automatically renewable subscription that is cheaper than a non-subscription. All will be linked to the  correct pricing below!

Remember that the AUD prices will change as the conversion rates change all the time!

This subscription service offers:

Standard GeekGear box:


Geek Gear boxes (Non-Subscription) is £24.99 or $41.69
Geek Gear boxes (Automatic Renewal) is £19.99 or $33.37

Harry Potter themed box (World of Wizardry):



World of Wizardry box (Non-Subscription) is £24.99 or $41.69 AUD
World of Wizardry box (Automatic Renewal) is £19.99 or $33.37 AUD

World of Wizardry Wearables:


World of Wizardry Wearable box (Non-Subscription) is £24.99 or $41.69 AUD
World of Wizardry Wearables box (Automatic Renewal) is £19.99 or $33.37

Mystery Mixed Past Box:


Mystery Mixed Past Box is £12.99 or $21.69 AUD


You can also purchase Gift Cards for any amount from £10.00 to £300.00.


Shipping to Australia is £5.99 or $10.00 AUD
Which is extremely good compared to a majority of international subscription boxes!

What I Received

As always I will write under each photo what is written in the book next to it.


Gringott’s Vault Key


Awesome cast Vault Key to your very own Vault at the Bank of Gringotts!

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes Jelly Bean Jar

Hogwarts House Cushion Covers


Decorate your Home with these awesome Cushions!

Hogwarts House Socks


Patronus Poster


Harry Potter Spells Poster!


The Daily Prophet Poster!


Hogwarts House Colour T-Shirt with AWESOME 3D Effect!


I don’t understand what the 3D effect bit is about, but I like the shirt!

Previous Boxes

For next month I changed the house theme that I receive in the box from Gryffindor to Slytherin as I want some items from each of the houses even though I am a Gryffindor! So for a couple months I will get Slytherin and then change it again to Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff so I have stuff from each.. After that I will probably just put it as ‘any house’ so I’ll get different every month!

Keen for next months box! Highly recommend to any Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts lover!


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