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I’ve decided that seen as on Sundays I am always sitting around bored and there is also a lot of tags that I have saved that I would like to do that I will start doing a tag every Sunday! Well most Sundays anyways!

So, this week I will be doing Opposite Book Tag, for this tag I will be only choosing books I have read. The point of this tag is to answer questions about the opposites of the book world.

The Questions:

  1.  First book in your collection/Last book you bought.
  2. A cheap book/An expensive book.
  3. A book with a male protagonist/One with a female protagonist.
  4. A book you read fast/One that took you long to read.
  5. Pretty cover/Ugly cover.
  6. A national book/An international book.
  7. A thin book/A thick book.
  8. Fiction book/Non-fiction book.
  9. Very (way too) romantic book/Action book.
  10. A book that made you happy/One that made you sad.

My Answers:

1. First book in your collection/Last book you bought.

Well I don’t remember the exact first book I had, however I remember reading this series where the books were all about dogs and they were the first books that I read that at the time I thought had a lot of pages, they were probably about 150-200 each. I had a few of them, but for the life of me I don’t remember the name of any of them. In High School is when I started reading and that is when I received a small copy of Switched in a Dolly magazine. That was when I started buying books, however most of the books I bought I didn’t read and still haven’t. At that point I bought books that looked interesting and I didn’t actually know what they were, for example I bought a book that looked good and was actually the 3rd book in the series and I didn’t realise until last year when I looked it up on goodreads to add it to me TBR list.

The last book, I guess I purchased were the books that came in The YA Chronicles Subscription box that I got last week and they were A Shadow Bright And Burning by Jessica Cluess & Penguin Teen Australia: Super-proof 2017. The last book I specifically purchased though was the new edition of Quidditch Through the Ages by J.K. Rowling.

2. A cheap book/An expensive book

The cheapest books I own would have to be my Harry Potter series as I got them from a local markets at a stall that had a tonne of books and they only cost around $5 each I think. They aren’t the best quality, but they were the first copy I owned. Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban & Goblet of Fire are paperbacks and the others are hard backs. All the hard backs have their dust covers, however the spine part of the dust cover for Order of the Phoenix looks like it had been in a bookshelf next to a window that got a lot of sun as it is very faded, it is only the spine though, the rest is fine.


The Dearest book I have would have to be again Harry Potter, but this time my Illustrated editions of Harry  Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone &  Chamber of Secrets.

3. A book with a male protagonist/One with a female protagonist.

Well Harry Potter of course, but because I’ve used it already for a question I’m going to choose Thomas from The Maze Runner


And for Female, keeping on the Dystopian theme, I’ll choose Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series.


4.  A book you read fast/One that took you long to read.

There is a few books that I read in one day, mainly due to ReadAThons, but the book I read the fastest was probably Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay.. There is some books like the Pottermore Presents series that probably took a shorter time, but there is barely any pages to those books, so it doesn’t really count.


The book that took the longest would probably be Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs, however it wasn’t because I was trying to get through it, a ReadAThon started while I was reading it, so I put it off as it is a book of short stories, so it didn’t really matter if I read it all in order.


5. Pretty Cover/Ugly Cover

For pretty, I’m choosing the Snow Like Ashes series by Sara Raasch

Ugly Cover is the Vampire Academy series, I don’t actually own this series, but I did read it and loved it.. But I really don’t like the covers! It’s not really that they are ugly, I just don’t like them.


6. A National Book/An International Book

I’m assuming this means a book set in your country and one that isn’t?!

Well a book set in my country is Where The Outback Drovers Ride by Bruce Simpson. And for a book not set in my country I will choose Traitor’s Gate by Michael Ridpath.

7. A Thin Book/A Thick Book

The thinnest books I own are the Hogwarts Library books, which consist of Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them & The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

And the thickest would be Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix


8. Fiction Book/Non-Fiction Book

For Fiction, I’m choosing The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater, I have only read The Raven Boys and am currently reading The Dream Thieves and loving it!

For Non-Fiction I’m choosing the only Non-Fiction book I have on my shelf and that is Where The Outback Drovers Ride by Bruce Simpson


9. Very (way too) romantic book/Action book.

A romantic book that I have to read, I would have to choose Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.


When I think of action I think of the Illuminae Files series by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. There is always something going on!

10. A Book That Made You Happy/One That Made You Sad

Well there isn’t a decent book that has a bit of something that goes wrong, but lately, a book that made me happy was Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them by J.K. Rowling, being back in the Harry Potter world.. All the feels!!


And a book that made me sad would have to be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak!


Because I’ll be doing them every Sunday, I am only going to tag 2 people in each so I’m not tagging the same people all the time! So each week I will tag my 2 latest followers! Hopefully there will be 2 new ones each week to tag.

So, this week it is:

Jamie @ Book Pandamonium & Jill @ Bookish Lion Hearts

Well that is all for this week! Please recommend tags that I should do, either name them, comment a link or tag me in them!


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