Book Travelling Thursday – A Book Recommended To You That Is On Your TBR


Book Travelling Thursday is a weekly meme created by Danielle and Cátia. All you have to do is a pick a book that is related to the theme, the themes are announced on the Goodreads page. Once you have chosen a book you need to find the original cover, the covers from your country, your favourite cover and your least favourite cover.

This week’s prompt is: Sometimes we get great recommendations… Choose a book someone recommended to you that you loved.

For this, I don’t actually have any real friends that read like I do to recommend me things and all the books that I have read because of youtube/blog recommendations have very few book cover variations such as Illuminae and Miss Peregrine’s.. So I am going to do a book reccomended by BookTube/Blog that is on my TBR

So I am choosing Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Original Cover:

I’m not 100% sure which one is the original as the one of the left simply says 2012 on Goodreads and the one of the right says Februrary 2nd, 2012..

They both were published by Electric Monkey in 2012 and are English Edition

Favourite Covers:

Top Left: Turtleback Books, 2013, English Edition

Top Middle: Electric Monkey, 2012, English Edition

Top Right: Disney Hyperion, 2012, English Edition

Bottom Left: Electric Monkey, 2012, English Edition

Bottom Right: Círculo de Lectores, 2013, Spanich Edition

Least Favourite Covers:

Top Left: 2015, Chinese edition and I can’t read the publishers name as it’s in Chinese haha

Top Middle: CooBoo, 2015, Czech Edition

Top Right: Doubleday Canada, 2013, English Edition

Bottom Left: Van Goor, 2013, Dutch Edition

Bottom Right: Electric Monkey, 2015, English Edition

Well that’s it! Which is your favourite!?


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