Getting To Know Me Book Tag


Saw this over on Completely Booked blog and decided to do it as well!

Vital Stats

Name: Eliza

Nicknames: Liza and Bubbles are my main ones, but I also get called fairy floss and my little pony because of my constantly changing and bright hair colours!

Birthday: 2nd July

Star Sign: Cancer


Hair Colour: Atm it is pastel pink on top with hot pink underneath

Hair Length: Just below where my bra sits

Eye Colour: Greeny Blue.

Braces: Have never had them, thank goodness!

Piercing: I have my ears pierced once, my helix and tongue pierced

Tattoos: So far I have one, a wolf on my wrist but I’m hoping to get another soon, i have chosen what I want, but I don’t know where to get it and I need to save money first.

Right or Left Handed: Don’t know what this has to do with appearance but I’m right handed


Best friend: Jemma, we were best friends from preschool, but when she moved we drifted apart and then a few years later she passed away from Leukemia

Award: I have no idea. I have never been one to participate in things I didn’t have to.

Sport: I used to play Tennis when I was in primary School and I also played soccer in the breaks at primary school but once I got into High school I stopped playing all sports really unless I had to for classes.

Real Holiday: I live in Qld, Australia, so my first holiday was to Tasmania

Concert: My first concert was Katy Perry, it was amazing and it was a week or so after I  graduated high school in 2014. I have since gone to a Jason Derulo concert, which was shit.


Film: My overall favourite movies that I could watch every week and never get sick of would be the Harry Potter movies.

Tv Shows: I have a few favourite tv shows: Supernatural, The Originals, Two Broke Girls, Mrs Browns Boys and That 70s Show

Colour: Blue and purple

Song: I never have a favourite song, I usually just have a bunch of songs I’m loving at that point in my life. However, there is one song that I have always loved and that is Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas. I don’t know what it is about this song, but I have loved it since I first heard it.

Restaurant: I live in a small town, so we don’t have any restaurants really. We always go the Aussie which is a pub in town. When we are away from town and go out for dinner it’s never to a restaurant, it’s always a pub or Bowls club or something similar. We aren’t exactly the restaurant type. I feel way more comfortable sitting int a pub having steak, chips and a CC (Canadian Club).

Shop: This question is really broad, what type of shop?

  • Bookshop
    • Online: book depository
    • Real store: QBD
  • Clothes Shop: Kmart and JayJays
  • Electronics: Harvey Norman

Books: Dystopian, Fantasy, and SciFi

Shoes: Thongs, did you really expect much else from an Aussie? I’m either wearing Thongs or my Nikes for work and winter


Feeling: like singing, just kidding I’m home alone, so I don’t feel like singing, I am singing!

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing

Watching: Nothing

Wearing: JayJayes Skinny Jeans, ‘Pray for a cure’ shirt from Fckh8 and a grey hoodie


Children: I don’t want children, this point of view my change, but at the moment I can’t see myself ever having kids

Marriage: Maybe

Careers: I’m currently studying a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, so hopefully that will be my future

Where you want to live: I would be quite happy coming back to here. I do want to travel and experience living elsewhere, but I feel  like I will always come home.

Do you believe in

God: no

Miracles: Not really

Love at first sight: Nope.

Ghosts: yes

Aliens: We can’t be the only thing living in this entire universe.

Soul Mates: There may be someone out there that you would be perfect with, but that doesn’t mean you ever meet them in your life. We can be happy with other people, though.I’m not going to go hunting down someone to consider a soul mate

Heaven/Hell: Heaven, no. Hell, yes! Where getting to the point of living in it if we keep going how we are.

Kissing on the first date: If the date was good then I don’t see why not

Yourself: Always

I tag anyone, especially if you are a newer blog! Comment if you have done one and I will check it out!