Books I DNFd in 2022

Let’s chat about all the books I DNFd in 2022. I’m separating these into three categories. Category one will be Books I didn’t hate but just didn’t mesh with due to writing, category two will be books I didn’t hate but just found boring & lastly category three will be books I DNFd because there was actually something I didn’t like.

Books I didn’t hate but just didn’t vibe with

Firstly These Violent Delights I DNFd at 74 pages. I tried reading this one physically but just wasn’t feeling it. I do want to give it another go on audiobook at some point. I think this one was a product of wrong format and wrong time.

What We Devour I DNFd at 252 pages. Which is a good chunk of the book considering its only 330 pages total. I started out enjoying it enough but then just slowly lost interest. The plot wasn’t gripping and I wasn’t invested enough to continue.

Then lastly for this category we have The Stardust Thief which I DNFd at 369 pages. I was intrigued enough with this one but it was just so long winded and it wasn’t gripping enough to continue.

Books I didn’t hate but found boring

Now these ones I don’t really have anything to say about them as I just found them bland and didn’t want to continue. A Flicker in the Dark I didn’t record how much I read of this one. The Gravity of us I’d read only 43 pages. Final Girls I got through 119 pages. Daughter of the Moon Goddess I read 385 pages of before I lost interest. Revenge I read 104 pages. Red Skies Falling I got through 192 pages & lastly The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks I read 156 pages.

Books I DNFd because there was actually something I didn’t like

Firstly for this section I DNFd Until the Last of Me at 67 pages. This one could also fall in the boring category but as this was a sequel to a book I really enjoyed it was quite shocking that I didn’t like this one that much. I found myself just not caring and. I got a very different vibe off this book compared to Book 1 in the series as well as the other series by this author I’d read, Sleeping Giants. I absolutely adore Sleeping Giants so I was quite disappointed with this one.

Next we have Jay’s Gay Agenda which I DNFd at 191 pages. I was listening to this one on audiobook and usually even if I’m not loving a book I can get through it easily enough on audiobook. However I just couldn’t stand this one. The MC was so freaking obnoxious! This was the most self-centred character I have ever read. Yes teenagers are supposedly self-centered and that’s what the author was trying to showcase but this was just over the top to the point I ended up hating the character. There is also a cheating trope which just nope. Oh and the talk about sex/attraction. I get this was meant to be a sex positive coming of age about a character that had never met another queer person but goddamn it was that time 1000. I just couldn’t continue. I’ve also read in a couple reviews that the LGBT+ rep with a certain character was a bit problematic as well. I didn’t finish the book so I can’t speak for it myself but apparently a side character who was Gender Queer and used one he/him & she/her pronouns was present. There was a big discussion between her and the MC about said pronouns but then they were referred to as only he/him for the entire rest of the book. Which kinds defeats the purpose of that conversation or even having representation for someone that uses multiple pronouns. Little concerning in my opinion. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time finishing this one.

Then we have another one which could kinda fall in the boring category. See All The Stars I got 117 pages through and I was so disappointed with this one. I read I Killed Zoe Spanos last year I think and it was intense! I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite but it left a lasting impact on me. I was thinking about it for weeks after and I still want to do a reread of it as I feel like it’s one of those books that you could read 10 times over and still find hints you missed previously. So I was very excited to pick up another book by Kit Frick but then this one bored me to tears. I was not intrigued, it was not gripping and I kept hoping if I listened to just one my character it would take off and hook me but nope.

Lastly we have Firesfrost which I DNFd at 206 pages. This was an eARC so there is a chance that the finished version was edited more compared to what I read but the writing just didn’t do it for me. I started out enjoying it and then it got long winded and predictable and then it got interesting for a little bit and then just got predictable again and I just started loosing interest. I know the author was trying to drag out the tension between the two characters but damn I was over it. I honestly didn’t think they had much chemistry so I wasn’t invested in the romance so it was just kinda like ‘yeah I get it, you’re in love but can we have some attempted murders or something I’m getting bored’…

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