2023 Digital Bullet Journal Set Up!

Welcome! So if you follow my YouTube channel you may have already seen my videos regarding making the switch to Digital Bullet Journalling. If you haven’t, in October I made the switch and have been loving it so far! I was becoming very unmotivated with my physical bullet journal. It was becoming less of a tool to track and boost productivity and more of a hinderance to it. Having to go to my desk, get out all the supplies and write/draw out everything and then pack everything away was just becoming draining for me. I’ve also always had the issue that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I found that if I didn’t end up liking how a spread turned out I’d be less likely to utilise that spread. Swapping to digital though all the issues I was having have been rectified. I can sit in my lounge or in bed and journal. I don’t need any supplies besides my iPad and my Apple Pen which is in the case of my iPad. There is no setting up or packing down. I just grab my iPad and get into it. AND the biggest thing, I can fix mistakes easily. If I don’t like something I just press undo or erase and fix it. If I get sick of how something is looking part way through the month I can just change it. The lack of permanence with digital bullet journalling has been a huge thing that’s helped me. I’m finding myself actively using my bullet journal every day. As well as using it a lot more productively.

I made the decision to go into 2023 digital and if, down the track, I feel the need to swap to physical, well I can do that. I do have a couple blank Archer & Olive journals on hand for that purpose but I also think I’m going to utilise one as more of a scrapbook/memories journal throughout 2023. That way I’m still utilising some of my supplies as I have a tonne of pens, washi tapes, stickers, etc.

That’s enough rambling! Let’s check out my 2023 Spreads! Also, in case you can’t tell my 2023 theme is mountains!

Firstly we have my cover page. I went with a pretty simple mountain design in a circle but added a cute little hidden Hagrid’s Hut to it. I did a HP theme for Dec 2022 so I just pulled my drawing from then and coloured it. I also recently saw the quote:

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

Brad Paisley

on Instagram and I loved it but adapted it slightly and used it on my cover page.

Then is my goals page. This is the second year I’ve done a goals page & I’m hoping to actually use it this year as I didn’t in 2022. I broke it down into a couple sections inspired by other goals page spreads I found when scrolling through Pinterest. So I have New Habits & This year I want to on the left and then a place on the right to set goals relating to Health, Life & Dusk Angel Store, my online store.

Next I have my Things to Check Out spread which is basically a place where I can list what I want to check out. I have 4 categories which are Recipes, TV Shows, Movies & Podcasts. This is helpful to have a place to dump all these things so that when I feel like watching a movie, for example, but don’t know what to watch I can go to my list and see if there is anything on there that peaks my interest.

Then we have Then & Now spread. This is my first time using this one and I got the idea from JashiiCorrin on YouTube who is one of my fave Bullet Journalling YouTubers to watch. Basically at the beginning of 2023 I will write in my current fave food, what I’m looking forward to, a recent accomplishment, etc and then at the end of the year I will do the same. I thought it would be a fun snapshot of what’s going on now that I can look back to at the end of the year.

This is another JashiiCorrin inspiration. The 23 23s in 2023! So basically you choose 23 thing that you would like to do 23 times in 2023. I went with a combination of things that will be easily accomplished and others that will be a little more challenging. In case you can’t read it my list includes:

  • Movies Watched
  • Book Series Finished
  • TV Show Seasons Watched
  • New Foods
  • Trips Away
  • 2L Water Days
  • Restaurants Tried
  • Automotive Events Attended
  • Work Free Days
  • Videos Posted
  • Blog Posts Posted
  • $100 Saved
  • No Spend Weeks
  • Podcast Episodes
  • Awake by 7am
  • Books off my TBR
  • New Products Launched
  • Asleep by 11pm
  • Plants Sold
  • Wash Roxy
  • Wash Car
  • Change Sheets
  • Digital Art

Then I have my 10 books to read in 2023 list. I haven’t populated this as I only decided on those books last night (at the time of writing this post). So I will add those in and when I have completed a book I will colour in that section.

Next we have my reading tracker which I’m realising as writing this I still haven’t gotten around to putting the Key in that will mark what colours equal what number of pages read each day but I’ll get to it. Basically for this one I will colour in a square each day so signify how many pages I read that day.

Then is my Best Book of 2023 spread. So this is how I decide my favourite book of the year. Each month I choose my favourite book for that month & will add the cover into that spot. Then at the end of the year I do it battle of the books style to narrow it down to my favourite. Keep an eye out for my Best Books of 2022 post which will be coming soon to see how I use it.

Then we have my Reading Trackers. So these are where I track different aspects of every book I read. I have space for 156 books but if I end up reading more than that I can just add more space as needed. Every time I finish a book I will fill in what genre it is, what star rating I gave it, what format I read it in and how many pages it has. This gives me a visual representation of my reading for the year. I do track this on my Reading Tracker Spreadsheet but I like having the visual too.

Now moving onto my money/spending challenges spreads which I have 3 of. Firstly my No Spend Challenge. This one I have divided into 52 squares, one for each week of the year. Each week I don’t spend money I will colour in. Obviously this wont include bills, food, fuel, etc. but my goal is to not spend extra money in order to save more. Which leads into the Savings Challenge. This will be a physical money box where I will put $50 in each week. Every week I complete that challenge I will colour in the box for that week.

Then the last Savings spread is my Save-Opoly. This is a bingo board where each square corresponds to an amount to save. I will roll the dice and make my way around the board and put the amount I land on in a money box. I’m thinking 2 or 3 rolls a week. The aim will be for 3 rolls but depending on where I am on the board and if I have other bills or anything to cover that week I will let it be just 2 rolls. I also put a little calendar up the top left so I can colour in each week I do it so I don’t lose track.

Next is my Last Time I… spread and I don’t remember which Bullet Journalling YouTube account I got this idea from but it could have also been JashiiCorrin. I will link below some of my fave accounts though so you can check them out! This one is basically a habit tracker but instead of being used to track doing something every day it’s more to keep track of when you last did something. I find when I get super busy and am travelling for events and such I lose track of how much time has actually passed since I did a certain thing. So this gives you a place to record that. I will be able to go on and see the last time I washed my dog or changed my sheets for example to determine if it needs to be done. Also things like my dogs allergy tablet & my cats worming where I do have reminders set for but it will be good to have a space to say yes I did that rather than just. Crap did I remember to do that when the reminder went off… I may add more prompts to this as the year goes on but for now I’m just tracking those 6.

Lastly we have my Highlight Reel or Year in Pictures as some people call it. This is a spread I’ve been doing for a few years now & originally got the idea from AmandaRachLee. Every month you simply add a photo from your favourite memory of that month. Last year I left spaces for 2 images per month in my journal but for this I’ve left one spot so I can add as many photos as I like. Maybe do some doodles or other decorative bits and make it a bit of a collage. Will see what inspiration hits at the time.

Bullet Journal YouTube Accounts to check out!

Plant Based Bride
Amanda Rach Lee
Tracy Tyler Revell
The Jaded Ravyn
Journal Away
Art n Fox

Well that is my 2023 Bullet Journal Set Up! I will be sharing my January Set Up very soon and I’m in love with it! So I can’t wait to share.

Let me know in the comments what spread in your 2023 Bullet Journal or any other journal you are most keen to start filling out!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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  1. I love all of your pages and your chosen theme. I’m still a paper based bullet journaller but can totally see the benefits of digital. Thanks for sharing.

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