8 Authors I Discovered in 2021!

So today we are talking about authors I read for the first time in 2021 and will be reading from again! There are other authors, I won’t be talking about today, that I read for the first time but it’s a maybe if I read anything else from them. The ones in this list are ones that I will definitely be picking up some of their other works. Let’s jump in!

Holly Jackson

Firstly we have Holly Jackson, the author of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. While I didn’t love the last book in the series as much as I would have liked considering how much I loved Books 1 & 2 I am still keen to read more! She is currently working on a book 4 in the series which I am keen to pick up however at present she does not have any other books released that I haven’t read. Will be jumping on Book 4 when it comes hopefully in 2022.

Riley Sager

Next we have Riley Sager which I have a love hate relationship with at present. While I rated Home Before Dark & Lock Every Door 4.5 & 4 stars respectively I also DNFd Final Girls earlier this year. Final Girls was I believe the first book they published, at least under the pen name Riley Sager, so maybe it’s just because it was an earlier work and they were still refining their writing or something. Either way I still have my eyes set on Survive the Night & they are also releasing The House Across the Lake this year which also looks really good!

Rachel Griffin

Next we have the author of The Nature of Witches which was one of my favourite reads of 2021! This was her debut and her next book Wild is the Witch is set to release August 2022! Wild is the Witch sounds like it’s going to be a bit more romance heavy than The Nature of Witches with an enemies to lovers trope plus a “there’s only one tent” trope which I didn’t even know was a thing.. We will just have to see how this one goes but I’m hoping the incredible world building, character development & plot out weighs the romance.

Amelia Mellor

Another author whose debut I loved! Amelia Mellor is the author of The Grandest Bookshop in the World which was a super fun middle grade that gave me Mr Lemoncello’s Library vibes! Sometimes you just need a fun feel good middle grade with some adventure & this one did not disappoint! Her second book The Bookseller’s Apprentice (Previously named The Weirdest Market in the World) is set to release sometime in 2022! I’m very keen for another fun adventure!

Dash Hoffman

This one is a hesitant add to this list. Whilst I absolutely adored Mrs Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal and its sequel I’m not hugely interested in picking up any of his other currently published work. None of it grabs my attention like Mrs. Perivale did. I am definitely keen for a book 3 if it ever happens. On their website there is information for Mrs. Perivale and the Light of Aviena but it’s only the name & description and no release date & it’s not on Amazon just yet. Hopefully soon as I’m very keen!

Cynthia Murphy

Yet another debut I loved in 2021! I read Last One to Die and quite enjoyed it! It was an interesting blend of YA Thriller/Mystery with a little paranormal sprinkled in. Win Lose Kill Die is her latest release which actually came out in January. I haven’t gotten a chance to get my hands on it yet but I will be soon! It’s another Mystery/Thriller however I don’t know if this one has the paranormal aspect that Last One to Die did. We will see! Either way I’m keen!

Kit Frick

Next we have Kit Frick and I read I Killed Zoe Spanos last year and while when reading I wasn’t blown away it was a book that stuck with me & left me thinking about it even weeks later. I’m interested in 2 of her current releases as well as her new release, Very Bad People, coming in April. She also has All Eyes on Us which is an LGBT+ Mystery & See All the Stars which is a Thriller. All sound really interesting and I’m keen to get my hands on them!

Kara Thomas

Last but not least we have Kara Thomas! I read The Cheerleaders in 2021 and really enjoyed it. She has a few books but the ones I’m most interested in are Little Monsters, The Darkest Corners & The Weekend all of which are YA Mystery/Thrillers which all sound really interesting.

Well that is the 8 authors that I have to talk about today! Have you read any enjoyed any of these authors? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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