The Series Series πŸ“š Part 1 ✨ Series that I need to finish!

Hey guys! So I am going to do a little mini series talking about book series. Ones that I need to finish, ones that I am DNFing, etc. So today let’s chat about series that I need to finish! So this is series that all the series that are out in full but I just haven’t got to finishing them yet. I will not be including series that I included in my last post of this topic. So this list is starting Sept 2020. Let’s jump in!

Firstly we have the A Song Below Water duology. I read A Song Below Water in 2020 but I haven’t gotten around to book 2, A Chorus Rises yet.

Next we have The Greenhollow duology. I read Silver in the Wood on a complete whim in December of 2020. I was looking for a book and it happened to pop up on Scribd so I gave it a go knowing nothing about it. I am definitely interested in finishing the series off with Drowned Country.

Then we have The Cerulean duology which was another one where I read book 1, The Cerulean, on a whim as I saw it on Scribd. I also really enjoyed this one but I need to pick up book 2, The Alcazar! Also how stunning are these covers? If I enjoy book 2 I am definitely buying myself a copy to go on my shelves!

Next we have the most recent addition to this list which is the Day Zero duology. I have more duologies on this list than anything else… I read Day Zero last month and enjoyed it but I couldn’t get book 2 on audiobook at the time. I will definitely be reading Day One soon though!

Next we have one I’m currently working on! I have just finished rereading the first 3 books in The Darkest Minds series now onto The Darkest Legacy! Hopefully will have it done in the next couple days.

Lastly we have Keeper of the Lost Cities which could probably go in the list of series I plan to continue but they aren’t all releases yet (which will be coming soon). However I’ve only read 1 of these books and there are 8 current releases. There is apparently a book 9 coming out this year but all there is is a name. No cover or description and the last book released 3 years ago now… So I’m including it in this list instead! I made the list, I make the rules! I read Keeper of the Lost Cities during a ReadAThon which is the reason I didn’t continue straight away. I have a lot of catching up to do with this one!

Well that is all the recent series that I need to finish! I’m hoping to get at least one of these ticked off this month as well!

Let me know in the comments what series you really need to finish?

Thanks for reading! Eliza

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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