2021 Reading Statistics!

It’s time to share some stats from all the books I read in 2021! So I read a total of 125 books in 2021 which is less than 2020 but it is what it is! I’ll be using a combination of graphs from my personal Reading Tracker spreadsheet as well as StoryGraph. The StoryGraph ones may not be 100% accurate as I only started using it part way through the year so the earlier stuff had to be transferred from Goodreads and it’s not always 100%. Let’s jump in!

# of books DNFd: 10
# of books Reread: 31
Total Pages read in 2021: 44165
Average Pages per Month: 3680
Average Pages Per Book: 353

Now let’s jump into the monthly stats! I read the most amount of books was June but funnily enough I read the most pages in July when I only read 12 books. February was my slowest month for books read but January was slowest for pages read.

Now onto the types of books I read! Fantasy was obviously my most read genre & Non-Fiction is at the bottom of the list.

Next let’s talk about the ‘Moods’ of the book. This is a very interesting feature that StoryGraph has which I find very fascinating. I read a lot of adventurous, mysterious & dark books which definitely sounds up my alley!

Next we have the Age groups of the books. YA is my most read which isn’t surprising. I did also read 15 Adult books & 11 MG. In 2022 I’m aiming to read more Adult books, so hopefully this will be different next year!

Then we have page length! As I said above on average the books I read had 353 pages. So it makes sense that my most read category is books between 301 – 400.

Next we have Pace. This is another StoryGrapher tracker which I find fun. It is not a surprise that fast pace is my most read books.

Next let’s talk about representation! In 2022 I am updating my spreadsheet so I can track some more diversities like mental health, physical disabilities & more. For 2021 I only tracked LGBT rep.
So I read 46 books that had LGBT characters this year and a majority of those were Gay rep followed by Bisexual & then Lesbian. Also I did document a max of 2 rep per book but obviously some books had more than that so I went with the more prominent characters rep.
At times I did have to guess the rep as they were side characters and it was never stated but I still wanted to include that there was rep in said book.

Next let’s talk about series. I read 44 Standalone books and 81.

This was a year of Audiobooks & Graphic Novels. I read very few physical/eBooks but it’s been a crazy busy year so it makes sense!

Publication Year! So my aim this year was to read more ‘backlist’ titles than new releases. Which I didn’t quite get. I did count 2019 or earlier as backlist for this challenge but I wasn’t far off half and half.

Now let’s talk about rereads! So I reread 31 books (yes I know the graph is wrong) and out of those I rated 14 of them 5 stars, 15 of them 4.5 stars & the last 2 were 4 star reads!

Let’s talk about the authors of the books I read. I mostly read books by female authors which is usual for me. I don’t do it on purpose but a lot of the books I’m drawn to are just written by women!

Next we have most read authors. J.K. Rowling is not a surprise. While I don’t support the author any more I do reread Harry Potter often as it’s my comfort zone.

I read only 20 books by authors of colour which is something I need to change in 2022. Granted there were some authors that I couldn’t find the information on, so I put them as no. So there could have been more that I just didn’t know about.

Then we have ownvoice books. 23 of them were books labeled as ownvoices. This is another hard one to find info on. So unless it clearly states that it’s own voices I had to assume it wasn’t. So again this could be inaccurate.

Then lastly we have new to me authors! I read 53 new to me authors and 72 authors I had read from before!

Well that is all the stats for the books I read in 2021! I will be posting my goals update soon and setting out my 2022 goals which I’m keen for!

How many books did you read in 2021?

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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