How much did I read in 2020? ๐Ÿ’ซ Reading Stats!

Today I am going to share my 2020 reading stats! For those curious, I use both Goodreads & an Google Sheet to track my reading all year! Let’s jump straight in!

Total books read in 2020?

152. 36 of those were rereads

Total books DNFd in 2020?

11. I will be doing a post talking about all the books I DNFd in 2020. So keep an eye out for that.

How many new authors did I read from in 2020?


Total pages read in 2020?

45,464. Which is actually less than last year but 5,000ish.

Average pages read per month?


Total 5 star reads?

25 & this does not include rereads.

How many 2020 releases read?


Now let’s jump into the pie charts!

Books Read by Month

Pages Read by Month

Books Read by Genre

Books Read by Age Group

Books Read by Format

Books Read by Page Length

Books Read by Publication Year

Books Read by Star Rating (not including rereads)

And no, I don’t have any books rated under a 2 stars because if I’m. not liking a book I DNF it.

LGBT+ Representation

This list only includes the MAIN LGBT as I chose one identity for each book. This also may not be accurate because I only decided to add this to my tracking sheet in about September or something, so I had to go back and try and remember or look at what other people had marked it as on Goodreads.

Goodreads Stats

Now I’m going to share a few of the things that Goodreads tracks that I don’t.

Shortest & Longest books I read

Most & Least popular Read according to Goodreads

Book I read that has the highest Goodreads rating

My first Goodreads review of the year, which I just thought was funny!

Letโ€™s Chat!

Well those are my 2020 reading stats! I will be doing a seperate post in the future talking about how my 2020 reading goals went, so keep an eye out for that one!
Let me know in the comments what your most read genre was in 2020!?

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