Graphic Novel Recommendations

Today we are going to be talking about 10 Graphic Novels that I think you should check out!
All of these except 1 I have read more than 1 volume of (except the ones that are just one book) so I feel like I have read enough to give you are proper recommendation!
So, let’s jump in!

1. The Backstagers

I have read Vol 1 & Vol 2 of The Backstagers but am yet to read Vol 3. The backstagers is a fun action packed contemporary with a hidden magical world behind the curtains! Our main character transfers to an all boys school where he doesn’t feel like he fits in. Until he finds his place as part of the Backstagers and discovers this hidden underground world.
Highly recommend if you are after a fun & fantasy read!

2. Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

I have read Heartstopper Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3. Volume 4 is set to release Feb 2021!
This is a cute LGBT+ romance and it is just such a fun and wholesome read! This also follows characters that feature in some of Alice Oseman’s other books, so if you love her other books then it’s definitely worth checking it out!
Highly recommend if you are looking for a cute & very quick Graphic Novel.

3. Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu

Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker & Wendy Xu

Mooncakes is such a gorgeous stand alone Graphic Novel! This one is a YA Fantasy and features a tonne of representation. The main character lives with her Lesbian Witch Grandmothers and wears a hearing aid. There is also a female/female romance featured! So plenty of rep for such a short story!
Mooncakes follows Nova who lives and works at her grandmothers bookshop. She goes to investigate sightings of a white wolf in the woods only to discover her childhood crush, Tam, a werewolf, battling a horse demon. Tam turns to Nova for help against dark forces which are after her wolf magic.
I highly recommend checking out Mooncakes if you are after a LGBT+ witchy fantasy book!

4. Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks

Pumpkinheards by Rainbow Rowell & Faith Erin Hicks

This is another super fun read! Pumpkinheads is a standalone contemporary and perfect for the autumn (fall) season.
This one follows Deja & Josiah on their last shift at the Pumpkin Patch where they have been working every autumn of high school. Josiah wants to spend the night feeling melancholy about it being their last shift but Deja comes up with a plan that involves seeing every sight & tasting every snack!
If you are looking for a fun, wholesome & autumn feeling read then this is definitely the one for you!

5. Misfit City

I have read Misfit City: Vol 1 and loved it and I’m hoping to read Vol 2 this month!
Misfit City is a kinda creepy adventure story where the characters go on the hunt to find pirate treasure.
I highly recommend this if you need an adventure which is a little creepy. This is another one that would be good for the autumn season as it’s got those creepy elements!

6. Heavy Vinyl

I have read Heavy Vinyl: Riot on the Radio but I didn’t know until brainstorming for this video that there is actually now a follow up book called Heavy Vinyl: Y2K-0!. So I will be going and reading that one soon! I do highly recommend the first one though!
This one follows Chris who has just joined the staff of a local record store. The staff’s favourite singer mysteriously disappears the night before a big show in town and Chris learns that the record shore is just a front for a teen girl vigilante fight club!
This is just such a cool idea and I loved every minute. This is a mystery and is super action packed & fun to read.

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise

I don’t think I need to describe this one. As far as I know this follows the events of the TV show, so if you love the Avatar Show then I highly recommend picking this one up!

8. The Wicked + The Divine

This one is an Adult Fantasy series that is a tad brutal & intense.
The Wicked + The Divine follows 12 gods incarnate as humans. That is literally all you need to know! This series is amazing but as it is adult it has some sexual and gory content that could be troubling for some readers, so be careful.

9. Giant Days

Giant Days is a Fun YA Contemporary that is about three girls that make fast friends when they start University. This series follows the chaos that is their life in university. It’s funny, action packed and crazy.

10. The Complete MAUS by Art Spiegelman

MAUS is a Historical Non-Fiction story that follows the life of Art Spiegelman’s grandfather during the Holocaust as a Jewish man. This is a hard hitting but amazing story but it’s definitely not an easy read. There is no sugar coating things in the story and I love that about it. I also love the art style and that the illustrator used different animals to represent different groups (jews, Germans, Pols, Russians, etc.). This made it easy to follow and understand.
I highly recommend this book if you are a looking for a WWII Historical book!

Let’s Chat!

What Graphic Novel should I pick up next? Let me know what Graphic Novels you recommend!

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9 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Recommendations

  1. Oh I love Heartstopper, Mooncakes and Giant days!
    The Backstagers is defintiely on my list! And I guess I should try out Misfit city as well!


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  2. Great post. The only graphic novel I’ve read is the Heartstopper series but I absolutely loved it and really enjoyed the graphic novel format. I really want to read more graphic novels so I’m adding these to my tbr list. I especially love the sound of Heavy Vinyl

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