Shows on Netflix I’m keen for!

Today we will be chatting about the Netflix Shows I am keen for! Some of these are completely new to me shows whereas others I’m keen to continue with new seasons out. So let’s jump in!

Shows with new seasons I’m keen for!

The 100

Starting off the list we have The 100! I have watched Seasons 1 & 2 of The 100 and really enjoyed it. At the time those were the only seasons out so I’m definitely behind on catching up on this show. This will likely be the next one I jump into after my currently watching which I’ll talk about soon.


This is my current watch and I am loving it! I did watch Season 1 a fair while back but now there is 5 seasons so I’m in the process of catching up. I’m currently on Season 3 Episode 4. Making progress but still a fair while to go.

The OA

I have watched Part 1 of The OA but only realised a couple days ago that there is now a Part 2. So I’m now keen to get to Part 2. This was a super weird show but also very interesting so I’m definitely keen!


This is a super interesting show and I’m so excited that there is new seasons to get into. I’ve watched Season 1 and there is now 3 seasons so plenty more to get to.

Van Helsing

This is another one I didn’t realise there was new seasons out and recently. I watched Season 1 just after it came out and there is now 4 seasons. So another one I need to catch up on soon!

Shows that I’m waiting for more seasons to release!

The Witcher

My partner and I watched Season 1 a couple months ago and really enjoyed it so we are both super keen for Season 2 to be released in December.

New to me shows that look interested!

All of these look really good and I’m keen to give them ago. Both The Shannara Chronicles and Cursed are based off books so that’s cool too! I am going to try and read Cursed before watching the show but I’m not too interested in reading The Shannara Chronicles books so I’ll probably just jump straight into the show.

Let’s Chat!

Give me some recommendations for shows on Netflix that you think I would like! I would love to hear your thoughts on the shows I haven’t started as well. Should I prioritise any of them??

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2 thoughts on “Shows on Netflix I’m keen for!

  1. The 100 is one of my favorite shows! When I started it, I binge watched like the first 5 seasons, non-stop 😀 It was a lot of fun.

    The Witcher was amazing! I’m so excited for the new season!!!!


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