My 2019 Reading Stats & 2020 Reading Goals!

Hi all, so today we are talking about my 2019 Reading Statistics & my goals for 2020! Firstly I wanted to start with talking about how I track all these stats. Basically towards the end of 2018 I created a Reading Tracker on Excel. I wanted to learn a bit more of how to utilise Excel and this was the perfect excuse. I definitely got inspiration from a couple other Reading Trackers out there but I did all the formulas and such myself. Which was a long process but now that I have it, it’s super handy.

2019 Reading Stats!

So firstly, let’s talk about my overall type statistics!

In 2019 I read a total of 124 books! Which is awesome as I beat my goal of reading 150 books. I Reread a total of 35 books & DNFd 4 which is actually really good as that isn’t very many DNFs and there also wasn’t too many books I finished that I hated. So good reading choices for 2019!

Next we have my pages read, which was a total of 55,639 pages! Averaging 4,637 a month and 339 pages per book! I also track my Total Spent on books fo the year & monthly but I have blanked those out as I don’t think they were really necessary. That is more a personal thing, so I can see how I’m spending my money.

Now for the fun stuff! I rated a total of 22 books 5 stars. This also DOES NOT include Rereads. I have a seperate section for tracking rereads. This is mainly because rereads affect the average ratings & rating numbers so much as all the books I reread are favourites, so of course I will nearly always rate them 4.5 or 5 stars. For the Rereads I rated 30 of them 5 stars!
I also read 10 eARCs/ARCs and 48 of the books I read were 2019 releases, which was one of my goals for 2019. I wanted to try and keep up to date with more recent releases, which I feel like I did pretty well.
Then my overall average rating was 4.2 stars & 4.9 stars for Rereads.

Now for my Monthly Stats! I won’t go through this one in detail as it’s self explanatory. It is interesting to see that July was my best month with a total of 31 books read & 7,986 pages!

Let’s jump into the more detailed break downs!

So, firstly we have my Genres Read. Of course Fantasy is at the top with 81 books read but it is super surprising that Contemporary is my second highest with 28 books! As y’all know, I’m not a contemporary reader but in 2019 I read 12 volumes of a Contemporary Graphic Novel. So that pushed those numbers up for sure. My least read was of course Non-Fiction & Anthology as I only read 1 of each. It does have 0 for horror as well but I did read a few books that had horror as a sub genre but the main genre was either Sci-Fi or Fantasy. It’s slightly difficult to track that aspect but I generally just go with the main genre.

Next we have the age group which is mostly YA at 131 books. I read very few MG this year but I read more Adult books than in previous years.

Now onto formats. My most read is Audiobooks at 73 and followed by Graphic Novels at 32. This does however include my rereads and I generally reread via audiobook. out of my 35 rereads 19 of those were via audio. So not including rereads I read 54 books via audio. Physical ARCs were my least read at 2. That was more to do with me now requesting them than anything else. Just after I began requesting & receiving physical ARCs from Aussie publishers I fell into a reading slump. So I stopped requesting. I have received a few unsolicited but they have all been books I have no interest in reading.. So yep, they didn’t get read.

This is an interesting one that I like tracking! So my most read is between the 301 – 400 page mark followed by the 401 – 500 which I feel like is most YA books page range. Least read was between 701 – 800 pages which is fair as I don’t pick up too many big books and as I said, majority of YA is between 300 & 500, so I’m less likely to pickup the bigger books as they tend to be Adult. I didn’t read any 800+ page books in 2019, which I think needs to be one of my goals for 2020.

Now we have publication year! We already know I read 48 2019 releases but it’s surprising that my next highest is the range between 2011 – 2016. Followed by 2018, which makes more sense as I had a fair few 2018 releases that I didn’t get a chance to get to in 2018, so they followed over into 2019.

Star ratings! I read more 4 Star rated books than anything else, followed by 4.5 stars and then 5 stars, So I had a pretty damn good reading year. Again this one doesn’t include rereads.

This is a simple one. I DNFd 4 books this year. Again, this is awesome as I usually DNF way more than this.

This one is actually surprising to me. I thought I read more books by new authors than not but apparently not. This one also doesn’t count Rereads as of course they aren’t new to me authors if it’s a reread. So I don’t include them in this.

Another simple one. I reread 35 books this year.

Lastly for the stats is my reread star rating! Of course these are all 4 stars and up with majority being 5 stars.

2020 Reading Goals

Now for my reading goals for 2020! I don’t have too many but I wanted to put them out there to try and make myself accountable. 😂
Of course I will be doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I have set my goal at 100 for now as I always do. If I hit that goal then I will increase it to 150.

20 Books to Read in 2020

Firstly I have my 20 books to read in 2020! This list will be in a future post, so I won’t go into it here.

Big Book Reading Challenge

Next is my goal to read big books! So, based on my reading stats I didn’t read any books over 801 pages in 2019. So, my goal is to read at least 1 book from each of the categories I haven’t read any of.
801 – 900
901 – 1000
I’m allowing myself to use audiobooks or physical/eBook for this challenge but I just need at least 1 in each category.

Always Fully Booked Challenges

Then I’m doing the A to Z Challenge, Little Inklings 2020 Reading Challenge, Reading Rainbow Challenge & On the Cover Challenge which are all in the front of the Little Inkling Designs’s Always Fully Booked 2020 Planner.

The A to Z Challenge was in last years planner too but the others are all new & I thought it would be fun to join them! The A to Z Challenge is pretty simply, you read a book starting with every letter of the alphabet.

The Little Inkling 2020 Reading Challenge is a list of challenges.

The Reading Rainbow Challenge means you need to try and read a book with each colour on the cover.

The On the Cover Challenge is where you try and read a book with each of the prompts on the cover
A Tree
A Sword
2 or more People
An animal
Mythical Creature
Moon or Stars

What book can’t you wait to release this year? Are you keen for any of these books?!

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