Most Anticipated Releases 💫 January & February 2020

Today we will be chatting about the books I am looking forward to for Jan & Feb 2020!

January 2020 Releases

Firstly we have A Heart so Fierce and Broken which releases Jan 7th! This is of course the sequel to A Curse So Dark and Lonely which I read towards the beginning of 2019 and really enjoyed. There were a couple things that weren’t my fave but I’m super keen to see where this story goes and I’m keen to read from Grey’s POV in A Heart so Fierce and Broken as that wasn’t in Book 1!

Next we have One of us is Next which also releases Jan 7th! This is the sequel to One of Us is Lying which was a really good YA Mystery book! I also enjoyed Two can keep a Secret by the same author. So I super keen to see what she rights next and how she introduces a sequel to One of us is Lying.

Lastly for Jan 7th releases we have Come Tumbling Down which is book 5 in the Wayward Children series. So far I have loved 3 of the 4 books in the series I have read. So I can’t wait to see what unusual and awesome world Seanan McGuire creates in Come Tumbling Down!

Then we have This Vicious Cure which releases Jan 21st! This is the final book in the This Mortal Coil series! I absolutely loved This Mortal Coil & This Cruel Design, so I can’t wait for this book! This is just such a well written book with a unique and super interesting dystopian world! So freaking keen!

Lastly for February we have The Hand on the Wall which also releases Jan 21st! This is my most anticipated book in this list for sure! This is the finale for the Truly Devious series. I absolutely adored Truly Devious & The Vanishing Stair. It is such a good YA Mystery series that is full of twists & turns. This is one of the books that I will probably pick up AS SOON as it arrives at my door! I am so keen to know how these mysteries are solved but I also don’t want this series to end.

February 2020 Releases

Now for some books that aren’t actually sequels! Firstly, we have Belle Révolte which releases Feb 1st. A LGBT YA Fantasy by a freaking awesome author with possibly a badass female main character? Sounds freaking awesome to me! I have read Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller, which I really enjoyed, so I’m keen to see what else this author can do!

Then we have All the Stars and Teeth which releases Feb 4th. Not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of this book before making this list. This cover came up and the name really intrigued me. So I had a look at the synopsis and it sounds freaking awesome. A YA adventure type fantasy with pirates & mermaids???? Count me in! This is a debut, so also super keen to see how this one goes.

Next we hav the last sequel on this list, Heartstopper Vol 3 which releases Feb 6th. This is obviously the sequel to Heartstopper Vol 1 & Vol 2 which is just a super easy, quick & cute romance graphic novel. I also loved Radio Silence & I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman which are both super unique & interesting contemporary novels.

Second last we have The Shadows Between Us which releases Feb 25th. This is Tricia Levenseller’s new Standalone by the looks of it. Which I’m keen for because there really isn’t enough YA Fantasy standalones out there. I read and enjoyed the Daughter of the Pirate King duology but I wasn’t the biggest fan of Warrior of the Wild, her previous standalone. Either way, I’m super keen to see what she does next!

Lastly we have Red Hood which releases also on Feb 25th. This is another YA Fantasy standalone but this one is also a Red Riding Hood retelling that sounds dark and so interesting! I haven’t read anything by this author just yet but I’m keen to give them a go! This one also sounds really good and I love a good retelling!

What book can’t you wait to release this year? Are you keen for any of these books?!

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