Harry Potter Edition ๐Ÿ’ซ Fantasy JourneyAThon Wrap Up

The Fantasy JourneyAThon is over here in Australia so here is my Wrap Up!
I completed all 10 challenges for the ReadAThon which I’m super happy with! I had to make some changes from my TBR throughout the ReadAThon but I still worked out 10 books for the 10 challenges! I’ll be going in order of the


Read but didn’t count for a challenge!

Firstly I finished 2 books that I had started prior to the ReadAThon. Shadow Frost by Coco Ma was the physical book that I was reading & I read the last 169 pages of this one during the ReadAThon!
You can check out my full spoiler free review HERE!

The other book I finished during the ReadAThon was Solitaire by Alice Oseman on audiobook! I listened to the last 140 minutes of Solitaire during the ReadAThon. While Solitaire was enjoyable it’s not my favourite Alice Oseman book I’ve read so far!

Next, I read Legend by Marie Lu on audiobook. I had Prodigy, book 2, on my TBR so I had to read Legend first! I found Legend enjoyable but nothing amazing and the very predictable romance was just meh…

Next I started As She Ascends by Jodi Meadows. I am reading this as part of a ReadALong, so I only read to Chapter 10 during the ReadAThon as I needed to read to Chapter 10 by Sunday. So I read 144 pages of this one during the ReadAThon!

I also started listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audiobook during the ReadAThon. Originally I was going to use it for one of the challenges but unpredictably we had to make a quick trip to another town on the last day, so I simply ran out of time to finish it. So ended up reading something else for that challenge instead. But I did listen to 729 minutes of this one!

Challenges completed!

Read a book with a bird on the cover

For the first challenge I read Prodigy by Marie Lu on audiobook. This one I enjoyed even less than the first book in the series. The world and plot is interesting enough but it was pretty predictable and the romance is just so damn tropey & predictable!

Read a book with witches/wizards

For the next challenge I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on audiobook. I was originally going to read this physically but I was busy and the audiobook turned out to be easier as I just didn’t have time to physically read.
Of course I love this one as it’s a reread of my favourite series!

Read a book with scarlet on the cover

Shadow of the Fox was the next audiobook I read. This one was quite good, I ended up rating it 4 stars. It was a really interesting world & plot but it wasn’t an absolute favourite.

Read a book with a tree on the cover

The next book I read was The Woods: Vol 1 which is a Graphic Novel. This is a Sci-Fi and I found it super interesting and I will definitely be continuing this series!

Read a book under 300 pages

Next I continued on with Volume 2 of The Woods. As I said I was super curious so I continued the series!

Read a book with a beautiful cover

Originally I was going to read A Million Junes by Emily Henry as it has a gorgeous cover but I ended up reading the start of the synopsis and as it compared the book to Romeo and Juliet I took that one straight off my TBR. I am not a romance fan and think Romeo and Juliet is one of the stupidest books I have been forced to read… So instead I listened to the audiobook of A Thousand Beginnings and Endings which is an anthology of retellings of Asian Myths and Legends. For the most part I enjoyed this book, of course being an anthology I didn’t enjoy every story but for the most part I enjoyed it!

Read a book with a dark theme

The next book I physically read was The Devouring Gray which for this challenge has a heavy theme of monsters & death. So it definitely fits! I quite enjoyed this one and I still need to write my review, so keep an eye out for that one!

Read a book with multiple POV or Authors

Next I read another Graphic Novel which was Volume 1 of Misfit City! I am super keen to continue this one as it hooked me from the very beginning.

Read a book with magic

So next I read another Graphic Novel. Firstly, I was going to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for this challenge but I ended up being busy on Monday, so I didn’t have time to finish the audiobook as its 29 hours.. So at the end of Day 10 I picked up The Wicked + The Divine: Vol 7 instead as it also features magic. This was probably my least favourite of the series so far. It was back and forwards through time and was pretty confusing..

Read a book set in the real world

Lastly I read I Am Change by Suzy Zail which is set in modern day Africa, so it fits the real world challenge.
You can find my review for I Am Change HERE!

Did you participate in Fantasy JourneyAThon. How many challenges did you complete? What was your favourite read?

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