Favourite BookTubers!

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I’m a sucker for YouTube videos! My favourite YouTuber is Safiya Nygaard, but she isn’t bookish related (seriously, go check her out though!). When I’m not watching Saf and her boyfriend I’m usually watching bookish videos! So today I thought I would share some of my favourite BookTubers!

For each person, I will put one of their latest videos!

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Little Book Owl

Catriona is a fellow Aussie and she is one of my absolute favourites! I watch all of her videos (except reviews, which I don’t watch reviews at all unless I’ve read the book). Actually, at the moment I need to catch up on her videos as she is currently posting EVERY DAY of April! So I have missed a couple of them from being busy!

Hailey in Bookland

Another favourite! Hailey does tonnes of vlogs as well which are fun to watch!

Books with Emily Fox

Emily is hilarious and I love watching her trying to pronounce names and stuff in English as English isn’t her first language. The best videos of hers I have watched and literally cracked up laughing at her facial expressions were her Worst & Most Disappointing books of 2017 videos! I link them below!


Heather is funny and also kinda awkward at times and I love her. She does read a lot of romance and chick lit type books, which is nowhere near the same taste as me but I still enjoy her videos.

Peruse Project

Regan is another one that does a lot of book vlogs that I really enjoy. She reads a lot of fantasy which is right up my alley and always has awesome recommendations videos!

A Clockwork Reader

Hannah is so sweet. Her videos are a bit funny and really enjoyable. She is another one that always does awesome recommendations videos!

Problems of a Book Nerd

Cece is THE person to go to for diverse reads! She comes under the diversity spectrum herself, so she is someone I trust for diverse reads as she knows if most rep is good! Also, her Harry Potter videos are fabulous and my favourite video of all time was the one that she raved about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Cece and her girlfriend are also adorable, even though she isn’t in videos too much as they live in separate places I believe.

Jesse the Reader

Jesse is such a fun and bubbly person! He comes up with some of the funniest bookish videos I have ever seen and if I need a good laugh, I go to his channel!

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So these are my favourite BookTubers! There are tonnes of other I watch and for that reason I just wanted to add some honorable mentions here! These are ones that I don’t watch as often, but still enjoy! AbigailHaleigh, Aprilius Maximus, Bexnbookx, Midnight Reads & Read by Zoe. Also a new one I have found, that is really good but I haven’t been watching long enough to make it to the favourites is SquibblesReads!

If you know any awesome YouTubers please comment names/links in the comments!



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