February 2018 Haul

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Okay, so I kinda went a little crazy this month! I bought a lot of books and funkos. I did go away twice this month, so I was in a place that actually had bookstores and shops that sold Funkos. So I took advantage of those. In most cases, all these books were on special or special editions.

I have also acquired a fair few eBooks & audiobooks. Some are eARCs that I got through NetGalley. Others I downloaded through Scribd. I highly recommend getting a Scribd account! You pay a small amount per month and get unlimited access to a huge range of eBooks and audiobooks! It is amazing!

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The Song Rising is a signed edition!!


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All of these are eARCs. I didn’t actually purchase/download any other eBooks this month.

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Have you read any of these books?! What did you think of them??




  1. shadowriverdaleharley · March 1, 2018

    I have a dean pop too

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  2. So many books!! So many I want to read. I would love to have a huge collection of Agatha Christie novels!

    I love all the funkos you got. The Eeyore is too cute!


  3. Merv · March 1, 2018

    Simon and strange the dreamer and HP! 😍🙊

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  4. Further West / Further Books · March 1, 2018

    so many books !!!

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