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So I saw a couple people on Instagram saying they joined Litsy and I was curious! So I joined and even though I have only had it for a little while and there isn’t as many accounts as there is say on Instagram I love it!

So seen as this App was completely new to me and I didn’t know it existed so I thought I would share it so you all know it exists too!

This is only an App, there isn’t a website for Litsy, besides THIS ONE that just gives access to where you can download the App and as far as I can tell this is only available for Apple and Google Play.

This app is the amazing love child of Bookstagram & Goodreads! So I’ll share some screenshots of some of the features!


So first this is what your profile will look like. At the top you can add a little bio and that can incorporate a website so that you can share your blogs! Then as I will show below you can add what book you are currently reading and it will show up under your bio!

The ‘litfluence’ everyone starts with 42 and when you get likes and comments I think it goes up? Like I said I don’t actually know and I haven’t had any interactions as yet to know what makes it go up. But when you click that number the below stats comes up! As I can tell the books you have read doesn’t make an effect on the number. But I think this stat page is pretty cool! knowing how many pages you have read is cool! I know it would be approx as it would depend on whether you read paperback or hardcover as they tend to be slightly different, but its still a cool idea!



So next you can search and add books that you want to read!


You can also add all the books you have read or just add books that you have read since starting the App. I will show below the meaning of the symbols on the left side.


So you can add 3 types of posts! A book review Which I will show below the ratings system and also this is only for short reviews. The character count is 451, I don’t know why 451 and not 450, but still. The next is a blurb which is just either if you want to say something or update about something. And then last is the quote, you can share quotes from your favourite books! Also you can add photos to any of these posts!


So when you are on a book profile you can read the synopsis and if you click the little image of the stack of books next to cover this will pop up and this is where you can mark your To Read, Reading & Have Read and also rate books! I love that they use a different type of rating system rather than just the stars! So Pick obviously means you love it, So-So well that one is self explanatory, Pan is dislike and Bail is really bad, but I think it might imply DNFing books, but not 100%, that’s just what I see. I rated them as 4-5 star ratings were Pick, 3.5 or 3 is So-so, 2.5 to 1.5 as Pan & Bail as 1 or DNF.


And here is what a Book review could look like, I used a pic that I took for Insta a while ago and wrote a mini review. It shows up what rating you used, as you can see I used the ‘Pick’ rating as I loved this book! And as you can see up the top under my name is the title of the book, when you write a review you choose the book from their system and then people can just click the name of the book up the top to see the book profile.

Btw the lightning bolt symbol is just the notification section.

So that all the info I know about the App! Please go and join and if you do or if you already have a profile then please go follow me! I will follow back all my blog followers without doubt haha!

I love that this is a App strictly for the bookish community! It’s all ours!

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16 thoughts on “I joined Litsy! @DuskAngelReads

  1. Thanks for posting about this! I haven’t seen this, and I check every few months for new book-ish apps, so either this slipped my radar or it’s fairly new. I’ve just installed it! While I’m not really that interested in doing the whole pretty fairy-lights-and-flower-arrangements book photography shots that lots of people seem to have the time to employ in Bookstagram, I would like to snapshot when I read my books out in the wild, just like simple photos. 🙂 I’ll add (follow?) you!

    Cass @ Words on Paper


    1. I know what you mean with the pics! I am a photography freak and do it as a hobby but sometimes I do get sick of setting up everything and taking photos, lately I have only been taking pics every couple days rather than every day like I used to, but I still try to get to photo challenges as I find them fun! And that’s awesome, I will follow back!


    1. Except to update what I’m reading and when I link my reviews or discover new books from other people I don’t really go on Goodreads too much. So I don’t spend much time on it.
      But really enjoying this app so far.

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