Top Ten Tuesday – Book Turn Offs

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Top Ten Tuesday is a monthly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and you can find all the info and upcoming prompts Here.

This week’s prompts is: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book (topic originally done back in 2013) — tell us all your book turn offs!

Well I’m not sure I will get 10 for this but I’ll try.

1. Romance

I’m fine with romance being in a book as long as it isn’t the sole purpose of the story. And especially I will not read adult romance books. I can’t think of anything worse.

2. Love triangles

If I know there is a love triangle in a book then I will more than likely not read it. When it comes to love triangles its not as bad when a character has had something with one character and doesn’t really have their heart in it when the meet the next character that they do have genuine feelings for. That’s not a love triangle as long as when the character realises the genuine feelings they leave the original one. But when a character has two interests going at them same time, I hate it. I hate this in real life too, not just reading. Do not lead someone on! It’s cruel and pathetic.

3. Diverse books that have reviews claiming bad representation of the diverse characters

This only counts if the people claiming that there is bad representation are apart of the diverse group being represented in that book. If you’re straight female and saying that a book badly represents a gay male character then I’m not going to listen to you. How do you know its a bad representation when you aren’t from the type of person being represented?! I hope that makes sense.

Okay so this annoys me. I am a Bisexual White Female with full physical mobility and I would never pretend to understand what it feels like to live, for example, as a paraplegic. Me personally, if I was to ever write a book involving a diverse character that I was not apart of that same diverse group, I would do all the research I could, speak to people that are in that position and lastly when I have written the book try and get people that are in that diverse group to read it. If you are trying to get an accurate representation then the best thing to do is get people that are in that diverse group to say whether it is a good or bad representation…

I hope all that made sense, it was hard to write and word all those thoughts haha.

4. Chick Lits

Not my cup of tea.. Similar to the dislike or romance and that I don’t enjoy contemporaries as much.. So just not something for me.

5. Books with Multi POV that isn’t labelled at the top of the chapter

So I love Multi POV, but I hate books that don’t have that characters name displayed so you know which POV this part of the book is from. There is nothing worse than spending a page or so trying to figure out whose POV we are reading from.

6. Third Person POV

so this one isn’t an absolute Turn Off.. But I enjoy reading from first person POV so much more. There is so much more connection with characters from first person POV. I’m reading a book atm that is written from third person and I’m just not enjoying the actual writing as much and I just can’t connect with the character. I’m enjoying the story but just wished it was first person instead.

7. Bad Relationships

I don’t want to read about someone being treated like shit in a relationship. Or in real life for that matter. Grow a set of balls and dump their sorry ass! Never accept anything less than what you deserve and no one deserves to be mentally, emotionally or physically abused by someone they claim to love. That’s not love hunny..

8. Characters that think they know everything

This drives me insane! It is okay not to know things and it’s okay to take peoples advice or ask for advice! Nothing annoys me more when a character tells another character ,that is wiser or knows the situation or the people better, of their crappy plan and when the other character says that’s its a crappy plan and they shouldn’t do it and then they do it anyone and someone gets killed because they were too stubborn to accept that they might not have had the best idea or view of the situation… Like what did you expect to happen?!

Well I only got to 8 and that was a bit of a struggle getting together haha. There is probably other things but I just can’t think of them ATM.

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  1. Totally agree on third person POV. Not something that will make me not read, but prefer 1st person so much more! Good list.

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    1. I know right. If writing is done well and they set a personality in each characters writing then it can be easy to distinguish. It just shows bad writing skills when you can’t tell the difference between two characters.

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