February 2017 The YA Chronicles Subscription Box Unboxing


Yet another The YA Chronicles subscription box came in the mail today!!

What You Need To Know About the Subscription Box

The YA Chronicles is based in Australia so for me this is great, being Australian the shipping is pretty cheap and the box gets to me quickly!

Here is the link to their website!

It says on the website that there is international shipping, so I’m assuming they ship everywhere, so I’m sorry if they don’t ship to your country!

I will only be posting costing in AUD, so if you want to know what it would cost in your country then you can go here to convert it, or comment your currency and I will tell you.

Cost of the Box: $29.99 AUD
Shipping to Aus and NZ: $9.99 AUD (this includes tracking)
Shipping internationally: $24.99 AUD (this includes tracking)

Also, this subscription box is not automatically recurring, so you do have to purchase it every month, which is good because it means you can easily pick and choose the themes that you want to purchase

In this box every month, you receive a new release paperback YA book, a TYAC bookmark with that month’s theme on the back and 2-5 other bookish items. Each month is themed and the theme is announced as soon as the subscription box goes on sale!

There are also A Court of Wings and Ruin boxes available for pre-order at the moment. You can find it on the main page of The YA Chronicles home page.


What I Received:

Volume Eighteen, Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

As always, I will write under each photo what is written on the description card that you get in the box.


West End Tea Co. Amortentia Flavoured Tea

This month we have worked together with West End Tea Co. To bring you this amazing custom tea blend. Inspired by the famed love potion in Harry Potter. This Amortentia tea brings together Rose and Vanilla on a base of jasmine green tea to give you a small love potion on your own. Use it carefully.

Feysand Candle


Feysand is most definitely one of the hottest ships right now. We’re all just itching to get our hands on A Court of Wings and Ruin to see how Feyre and Rhysand’s story continues. Glittering like the night court sky. Your new Feysand candle, custom made by The Book Hangover on Etsy. Smells of rain, sandalwood, musk, citrus and jasmine.

The Fault in Our Stars Pin


Maybe okay will be our always place your The Fault In Our Stars pin on our favourite tote to show your romantic side.

The Book:


This is not a fairytale when teenagers begin to go missing, the only thing that ties them together is the fact that they were all born on valentine’s day. Pearl Linford finds herself trying to figure out what is going on and who is taking her classmates, before time runs out and they come for her. With nothing but Finn Black by her side. Pearl has to navigate through the weird supernatural turn her life has taken, and our February book of the month.

The Bookmark:


The Card:


First ever complaint about The YA Chronicles

They seriously need to change their design of the info cards because they are sooo damn hard to read! Like look at this!!


Was a pretty awesome month! I have yet to read A Court of Thorns and Roses yet. So I’m not on board with the Feysand thing haha, but I plan to read it soon! Planning to finish The Raven Cycle and then I want to read Traitor to the Throne and then get to A Court of Thorns and Roses. So, wish me luck!


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      1. Agreed. It’s the only place I buy books. Shipping prices are usually ridiculous on Amazon to Aus and so is BookOutlet. I put 3 books in my cart and is said the shipping was going to be like $60 of some stupid shit. Never went on there again!


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      2. That’s awesome! I don’t even bother looking at other bookshops now. I used to use QBD which is an Australian book retailer, but since discovering BD I have realised how expensive books in Australia are! Most books on BD are like $10 cheaper than QBD. Especially new releases!!


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