The Liebster Award

Thank you sooo much for Olga @ Olga’s Oddish Obsession for tagging me in this award! Go and check out her blog, it’s beautiful! I love the colours of her blog the most, they are sooo mice!! This is my third award to go on my blog! So here goes another one!


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gave to you.
  • Nominate at least 5, but no more than 11 bloggers who you think deserve the award.
  • Tell those bloggers you nominated them!
  • Create 11 original questions for the next nominees to answer.

Olga’s Questions:

1. Why do you read if you could be doing anything else?

I love being able to escape to another world and leave all my stress and worry behind.. I only really read late at night lately, so the only thing that reading is taking me away from lately is sleeping. 😂

2. Do you consider yourself a pessimist or you always the friend to lift up another’s spirits?

I think I’m the friend that lifts others up.. I’m definitely not a pessimist though.

3. Who is your favorite protagonist and antagonist of all worldly time? (doesn’t have to be from a book)

Favourite Protagonist would have to be Hermione! And Antagonist would have to be Bellatrix! Yes of course they are both from Harry Potter!! Did you expect anything different from me?!?!

4. Do you like being called a nerd or can that seem insulting in a way to you?

I couldn’t care less about being called a nerd! Doesn’t worry me what people call me haha.

5. Have you begun to complete a few of your goals for the new year?

Well my main goal at the moment is finishing my Diploma! And I’m getting there with that.. Still have 3 theory assessments to get done and hand in and also still have 4 Practical assessments, I have 3 of them already booked in to do, just got 1 more to book in! 

With reading goals, I have started my Beat the Backlist challenge.. I haven’t even purchased a 2017 release yet, so I have only read books published last year or earlier.

My other goal is to lose weight, which I have only just started properly.. I have been eating pretty well and exercising at night, which I won’t be doing tonight as I just finished an 8 1/2 hour shift at work on my feet and did nearly 15 thousand steps today, so I’m pretty happy with that.. Will keep going tomorrow night though. I am also thinking about buying a treadmill, but I’m thinking about getting a Cardiotech one, which if you’re Aussie you would have seen those stupid ads before on TV, anyway, they are only $10/week, so I can afford that easily and the treadmill has speakers that connect to your phone and a built in fan!

6. Are you a sweatpants and large shirt person or do you plan out your tumblr outfit to feel comfortable?

Sweatpants and large shirt at home! Whereas out of the house I always either wear Jeans or denim shorts which are comfy to me. And always a big shirt and hoodie in winter!!

7. Do you have a sweet tooth or bathe in the joy of knowing your gonna live longer?

Not 100% sure what the end of this question means, but I kinda have a sweet tooth, I love ice cream and lollies.. Not chocolate that much though, well I like it, but I just don’t eat it that much.

8. Are you a fan of ordering online or do you prefer going to the store?

Both, but as I live in a small country time online shopping is my only option really unless we go away for some reason.

9. Have you ever had the chance to meet an author of your favorite book?

I have never met an author! Again, I live in a small town and I can’t afford to travel to events in Brisbane or anything as its 5 hours from here to Brissy..

10. How long have you been reviewing and is it what you expected?

I have been reviewing since July i think and I didn’t really know what to expect, so it can’t not be what I expected. 

11. Lastly, what other interests do you have besides reading and/or writing?

I love photography, my Grandfather was an AMAZING photographer and my mum and bother her siblings like it too and 2 of my cousins are really good at it too! I love taking photos and I recently bought a Canon EOS 750D and I am loving it. I need to get a different lense though as this one doesn’t have much of a zoom range and it kinda annoys me, but I can’t afford a new lense at the moment.. So it will have to do for now.

I tag:

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  1. If you’re not meant to judge a book by it’s cover then why do books have covers!? What books have you bought just for their cover?
  2. Is there any books you have multiple copies of?
  3. Do you listen to Audiobooks? If so what was your favourite?
  4. Do you prefer reading (not owning, specifically reading) eBooks or physical books more?
  5. If you could get a prequel to any book or series that you have read which would it be?
  6. Do you have any bad reading habits?
  7. Do you like getting library books?
  8. Has the way you read changed since you started blogging?
  9. What is your favourite type of posts to read?
  10. What is your favourite type of posts to write?
  11. Do you read outside your comfort zone or stay firmly in it?

Well that is it, thanks again Olga for tagging me! I hope you all enjoy my questions! 😊


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  1. I’m now a hundred percent sure your the biggest fan of HP😂👌🏽. Losing weight is a must do for me and hopefully you accomplish your goals!

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