January 2017 Nerdy Post Subscription Box Unboxing


So, my first unboxing for 2017!!

I have already cancelled this subscription as to me its just not worth the money, with shipping cost to Australia, it’s just ridiculous amount.

Also, I don’t really care for Star Wars.. So this box is kinda meh to me.  I like that everything is good quality and everything, but not for me.

What You Need To Know About the Subscription Box

Here is the website!

I think this is a US based company, it doesn’t actually say anywhere I could see and doesn’t have USD or anything else in front of the pricing. So I’m just guessing here. All I know is that it’s not Aussie.

I  will have pricing in USD & AUD.  This subscription is Automatic Renewal, but does have an option to skip a month if you like.

Nerdy Post: $13.95 USD or $19.37 AUD

Shipping to Australia $13.00 USD or $18.05 AUD

So, total cost for was $37.42 (amounts in AUD above are on estimates as it changes. $38.80 was what came out of my account).

Theme: Star Wars

What I Received:




Mini Print:









Fat Bookmark:







Mini Buttons:


Colour-In Nerdy Post Post Card


The Box:

I like that it actually came in a proper box this time, I’m pretty sure last time it didn’t but I’m not 100% sure.


There were a lot more items in this months box than last months, which is a shame because I don’t care for Star Wars and it was a decent box and last month was Fantastic Beasts which I love and it was a meh box. If they come out with a Harry Potter theme or something else that I’m a fan of I might consider it, but besides that I will not be repurchasing this subscription service unfortunately. I will stick to The YA Chronicles & Geek Gear!


6 thoughts on “January 2017 Nerdy Post Subscription Box Unboxing

  1. You’ve done such a great post for this box, even if it was a disappointment! I do empathize, I couldn’t justify spending that much money just to get mostly paper goods, it’s not worth it. Hopefully your next box is more satisfying.


    1. That’s why I cancelled it. This box had more items than the last one though and the bone paper items were nice quality. Last time the only none paper items was a notebook and it was poor quality and really flimsy. Wasn’t worth it at all.

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  2. Yeah, I don’t see anything of real value. I mean, unless you were OBSESSED with Star Wars. Maybe do a giveaway post with that stuff on an anniversary?
    Glad you are finding your faves!

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