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So, I wasn’t actually tagged in this, but seen as I am watching Netflix right now, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I thought, why the hell not!

1. Recently Watched – The Last Book You Finished Reading


Review can be found HERE!

2. Top Picks – A Book or Books That Have Been Recommended to You Based on Books You Have Previously Read

I have been recommended a fair few books, here are some

3. Recently Added – The Last Book You Bought


I got this in the mail today, the new edition of Quidditch Through the Ages! It’s so beautiful and I love the design on the inside of the book too.

4. Popular On Netflix – Books That Everyone Knows About (2 you’ve read, and 2 you haven’t or have no interest in reading).

2 I’ve read

2 on my TBR

5. Comedies – A Funny Book

Honestly, can’t really think of any funny books, most books have a couple funny parts in them but I don’t think I’ve actually just read a funny book.

6. Dramas – A Character Who is a Drama Queen/King

Sirius Black is the biggest drama queen out! But we love him!!


7. Animated – A Book With Cartoons on the Cover

8. Watch It Again – A Book or Book Series That You Want to Re-Read

If it wasn’t so long, I would re read these two series.

9. Documentaries – A Non-Fiction Book You’d Recommend to Everyone


10. Action and Adventure – An action-packed book


11. New Releases – A Book That Just Came Out or Will Be Coming Out Soon That You Can’t Wait to Read


12. Max – Tag Some People

I’m just tagging anyone who want’s to do this, you can  say I tagged you if you like!

Well that is it for yet another tag!147090570631128

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