New Bookshelves!


This is going to be a random post!

So, over the weekend I went away with my Mum because she was picking up a new car! While away I decided to buy 2 new sets of Bookshelves as mine are getting rather packed and I just don’t like how it looked!

So, I just wanted to share this as I feel that I have been a tad absent on my blog and Bookstagram, and reading in general actually as I have been sick and then out of town.

My Old Shelf!

I still have my old bookshelf, I just spread things out. So this is what it looked like before!


Sorry for the bad quality photo. 😩

Rearranging my room and adding the new bookcases

So, these are the 2 new book cases. I bought these from Bunnings, which I believe is only in Australia. But they are just 2×4 basic cube bookshelves and they cost me $79 each. That is AUD by the way.
As you can see in the left hand photo I also bought 4 storage container things that fit perfectly into these bookcases as I don’t like using the bottom shelf and having to get down there to get books out and stuff. So one is full of my Funko pop boxes. Which I found stack perfectly in these containers. Another has gaming controls, another the boxes for my devices, like my iPhone, iPad, Mac,Hard Drive, that sort of thing and the last one I have stuff I have received in subscription boxes that I either don’t want to display or aren’t from a book or series I have read yet.

This is the top shelves of the new Bookshelf near my TV. I am so happy that I actually have space to display the Illustrated editions.

This is the next row down on the shelf near my TV. On the left is my Dystopian Read shelf, including the print I received with Gemina in the Gemina YA Chronicles box. On the right is my read Historical Fiction and Contemporary books!


And this is the top of that shelf.

This is the Top shelf of the other bookshelf. On the left is some Harry Potter stuff, My acceptance letter, Marauders Map and a travel mug. On the right is my Harry Potter Movie related stuff, including Fantastic Beasts. I had the Fantastic Beasts stuff on aseparatee shelf, but as I only have 3 things that would really related to Fantastic Beasts at the moment I just added it here.

On the left is the start of my Fantasy Read shelf that is overflowing from my old bookshelf. On the right is the top of this shelf.


This is the top shelf of my old bookshelf. This is all my other Harry Potter stuff. Including the series, Cursed Child, Hogwarts Library, Funko’s, Voldemort’s wand and potion bottle I made.


This is the second shelf of my old Bookshelf. This is where my Read books start, mostly series are here or books that are part of a series that either hasn’t all been released or I haven’t got to reading yet.

Lastly, this is the 3rd and 4th shelf of my old bookshelf.  On the left is the Fantasy and Dystopian books that I haven’t read yet. On the Right is my Contemporary, Historical Fiction and one Dystopian book that I haven’t read yet. I am realising now that the Rondo series is on this shelf and I have actually read it and it’s a fantasy. So it needs to be moved.. I’ll get to that though haha.

Well, that is it for this post! I love the new shelfs and I’m glad that my shelf is no longer messy as all hell.


6 thoughts on “New Bookshelves!

  1. Oh, to only have bookshelves! Sigh.
    One day I hope to have some…right now all my books are in a cabinet that is overflowing, then there’s some on the ground. It breaks my heart bc I have some amazing physical ARCs and beautiful hardcovers that are in stacks! My mom says I have to clean my room before I can get a bookshelf, but tell me, how am I supposed to clean my room when I have no place to put anything? Argh!


    1. I 100% know what you mean about cleaning my room.
      I am kind of the same. My room isn’t really neat and I have stuff in other rooms in the house and dad is always on my back to move it.
      But it’s easy for them to say! They have a whole house to arrange their stuff. We have 1 not so big room!

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