Book Travelling Thursday – A Book from your Favourite Genre


Book Travelling Thursday is a weekly meme created by Danielle and Cátia. All you have to do is a pick a book that is related to the theme, the themes are announced on the Goodreads page. Once you have chosen a book you need to find the original cover, the covers from your country, your favourite cover and your least favourite cover.

This week’s prompt is: Because we all have the right to our own opinion… Choose a book from one of your favorite genres!

So, I’m choosing Divergent

Original Cover:


Favourite Covers

Top Left: English Katherine Tegen Books

Top Middle: English HarperCollins Children’s Books

Top Right: New English HarperCollins Children’s Books

Bottom Left: English Film Tie-In HarperCollins UK

Bottom Right: English Movie Tie-In Katherine Tegen Books

Least Favourite:

Left: Italian DeAgostini

Middle: Newest English HarperCollins Children’s Book

Right: French Nathan Edition

Well, that it for this weeks BTT! Let me know which is your favourite in the comments



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