Book Travelling Thursday – A Book from an Australian Author


Book Travelling Thursday is a weekly meme created by Danielle and Cátia. All you have to do is a pick a book that is related to the theme, the themes are announced on the Goodreads page. Once you have chosen a book you need to find the original cover, the covers from your country, your favourite cover and your least favourite cover.

This week’s prompt is: Share the love around the world! Choose a book written by an author from a country you don’t read that often.

I honestly don’t even pay attention to where authors come from, so I’m just going to do an author from my own country.

So I am choosing Markus Zusak as an author and am choosing The Book Thief.

Original Cover:


This is the earliest cover I could find on Goodreads, so I think this is the original

Cover from your country

We have 2 that I can find!

Favourite Covers:

Top left: English Picador Australia Edition
Top Middle: Film Tie-In Edition by Picador
Top Right: English Black Swan Edition

Bottom Left: English Definitions Edition
Bottom Right: I can’t find this edition on Goodreads, I found the image on google.. So I don’t know if this is actually a real cover.

Least Favourite Cover:

Top Left: English Definitions 2012 Edition
Top Middle Left: English Pan Macmillan Australia Edition
Top Middle Right: English Random House UK Edition
Top Right: English Turtleback Books Edition

Middle Left: English Knopf  Books for Young Readers Edition
Middle Right: I can’t find this cover either, so I don’t know if this is real or not.. But it was on google

Bottom Left & Right: Can’t find these last two either

Which was your favourite?!


7 thoughts on “Book Travelling Thursday – A Book from an Australian Author

      1. I haven’t read or watched the movie. I will be hopefully picking it up in the next week or so as I am reading it a part of the Tome Topple Read-A-Thon that started about 3 hours ago for me and goes for 2 weeks.

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  1. I don’t understand the domino cover! Why would there be dominos on a cover of The Book Thief??
    I kinda like the last one with the girl in the middle that’s not filled in…the very last cover where she’s holding the book in the center?
    But I almost always agree with your favorites section! 😊🙌

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