Friday Finds – 16th September


So this is a new meme for me and it will be replacing Friday Face-Off.
I like Friday Face-Off but I have just started Book Travelling Thursday which is a similar meme. The only reason I’m choosing it over FFO is that BTT posts the prompts at the start of the month and FFO posts the day of, which is really frustrating to me. I live in Australia and by the time the blog post is up for FFO Friday is nearly over for me thanks to the time difference…  If it was even posted the day before would be great but as it is I will not be continuing with it.

So onto Friday Finds!

This meme allows you to post the books that you have found or discovered this week and added to your To Read pile. This can include books you discover online, bookstores or libraries and you don’t have to have purchased the books.

I found the original creator but it has been passed on to other blogs and the one that is meant to be the most recent hasn’t posted in months, so that’s why I haven’t linked any blogs!

I am going to base this off what I add to my Goodreads To Read list or books that I have discovered thanks to other Book Bloggers and Booktubers as I don’t go to our local library as it’s not worth it and the nearest decent bookstore is 3 hours away. The joys of living in Outback Australia!!!

I’ve only added 2 books to my To Reads pile on Goodreads this week that I only just discovered, I have added others but I already knew about them.

Books discovered thanks to Book Blogging (that I will now be putting on my Goodreads To Read so I don’t forget them!

Lastly is the books I discovered through BookTube (I will also be adding these to my Goodreads To Read list as I go..)

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Let me know if you enjoyed any of these books!