Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon TBR


Was so excited when I saw this Read-A-Thon come up! Created by Aentee  @readatmidnight, this tag is new and exciting and I have never seen anything like it before! This challenge is a 3 week Read-A-Thon taking place from the Sunday 14th of August until Sunday, September 4th. The Challenge has 8 challenges that relate to 8 gyms in Pokemon. With this challenge, you read 8 books and can also choose to participate in a point (CP) scoring challenge. To check out the announcement post go Here.

All of the challenge images were made by @readatmidnight!


Choose a Pokemon:

(For the point scoring challenge)

I have chosen Blitzle. He is a 2-stage evolution Pokemon. The second stage being Zebstrika. He gives me a starting point balance of 10CP.



I will fill in the Badges/Challenges as I complete them and update the CP as I go






For this challenge, I will be reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. This book has been on my TBR list for a while! I will be reading this book last as it is a series and I want to be able to continue on to the next book in the series straight after this one.

Pages: 506







For the next challenge, I will be reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’m not sure if it will actually make me cry as the only book I have ever cried in was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. So we will see.

Pages: 560







Firstly can we just talk about this gif that I found that fades from the dust jacket cover to the actual book cover! This is fabulous. Good work Google!

I choose Illuminae by Amie Kaufman in particular because I am receiving Gemina in the exclusive Gemina Box from The YA Chronicles in October and I wanted to read Illuminae before I get it. I have heard tonnes about this book and there is so much hype for it!

Pages: 599






I chose to read a book with LGBT in it as a part of Diversity. So I chose Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I have heard mixed reviews about this book, so will see how I feel about it. I am also trying to read more contemporary books, and this fits.

Pages: 359







Next, I chose Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Another book that I have heard a lot about on BookTube, mostly positive. Also Another Contemporary!

Pages: 401








For this challenge, I will be reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I was meant to read this book for the BookTube-A-Thon but never got to it. I have seen this book a million times on BookTube.

I read a lot of Fantasy books so this was a pretty easy book to chose as my TBR for Fantasy reads is pretty extensive and I just had to choose one.

Pages: 369




I have heard so much hype about this book especially now that the movie is coming out soon, or is out in cinemas? I have no idea. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes defiantly has read on its cover and it’s also another Contemporary. Go me!

Pages: 369







World War Z by Max Brooks has also been on my TBR for a while so when I saw this challenge straight away I thought of this book!

Pages: 420






Total number of pages: 3,542

Potential Points if all books are completed:

Starts with: 10 CP
Pages: 3,583 pages +358 CP
Books completed: +160 CP
Reviews completed: +160 CP
150 CP Evolve: +50 CP

Total: 738 CP


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Indigo League #ReadThemAllThon TBR

  1. Looks like an excellent TBR! I had trouble finding a red cover book (as I inished Me Before You in July and it being my only one…).

    I remember reading City of Bones three (or four) summers ago and immediately devoured all the other books that were out at that moment, so wise choice to keep that one to the last! :p
    I haven’t been able to finish The Book Thief yet. I once started it and then…stopped? Although it wasn’t because it wasn’t good though. The descriptions are ❤
    I've been wanting to read Anna and the French Kiss for so long! AH why didn't I come up with that?! And Illuminae! Oh man.
    I haven't heard of the World War Z before but as I read "zombies" on the cover I suppose I know why not (not much of a fan of them Zombies, brrrr)

    Seriously, looks like you're in for some amazing reading!

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    1. Honestly for the red book cover, I don’t particularly want to read Me Before You as I generally don’t like books that are like that.. But I will anyway.
      I’ve been wanting to read the book thief for ages, but have just never got around to it. So i finally bought it and have an excuse to read it now.
      With Anna and the French kiss I have been trying to read more contemporary books. So that’s why I chose it and also Me Before You.
      Illuminae I have heard so much about and when I saw that The YA chronicles had a Gemina box coming up, I bought that straight away and I knew i had to get my hands on Illuminae before it came!
      I’ve heard a lot about World War z from BookTube, mainly little book owl. It doesn’t sound like a typical zombie book, so I’m curious.
      Are you participating in the #readthemallthon ?

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      1. I am! It took me a long time to figure out the Pokemon I wanted, haha! And the books too. My tbr hasn’t been up-to-date so I had a hard time choosing books that fit my latest reading taste 🙂


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