I’m back! πŸ“š February TBR

So, I'm back! I took an unplanned 3 week break from blogging and YouTube which I think I really needed. After posting every day of December I really wasn't feeling motivated. So I took some time & I'm back! Will hopefully be back on youtube soon too. Had to fix an SD card issue first... … Continue reading I’m back! πŸ“š February TBR

Is this ambitious?? πŸ“š December TBR

Here is my ambitious TBR! December is always crazy at work & I'm also committing to Blogmas & trying to post every day of December. So I don't know how much I will read but these are the books I'd like to read! Currently Reading Ghost Squad by Claribel A. OrtegaOver the Woodward Wall by … Continue reading Is this ambitious?? πŸ“š December TBR

My Goodreads Choice Awards Challenge πŸ’« November TBR πŸ“š Blogtober #31

So, as many of you may know Goodreads has just opened their Goodreads Choice Award voting. As many of you also probably know the Goodreads Choice Awards are not that great for fairness...Firstly, there are books on there that haven't even released yet or have just released (These Violent Delights for example), so how can … Continue reading My Goodreads Choice Awards Challenge πŸ’« November TBR πŸ“š Blogtober #31

September & Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š TBR

It's already September which is crazy! I will of course be participating in Bookopoly ReadAThon in September which is a ReadAThon I host. Obviously because Bookopoly runs by receiving a challenge based on a dice roll I won't really be able to set out a TBR but here are some books that I hope I … Continue reading September & Bookopoly ReadAThon πŸ“š TBR

Hogwarts House Battles + September πŸ’« TBR

So, you may have seen my post last week with my TBR for September & Reading Rivalry. Well it is 3 days into September and I decided to leave the Reading Rivalry groups. This is mainly because the people running things were so damn pushy. I joined the group for the reading only but was … Continue reading Hogwarts House Battles + September πŸ’« TBR

TBR Jar ReadAThon πŸ’« Round #7 Announcement!

Dates: 6th – 15th of September, 2019 How it works This ReadAThon is pretty simple. First, pick a goal. I will be aiming for 7 books, but you can choose as many or as little books as you wish.Next, grab a jar, or cup, or hat, it really doesn’t matter. Something you can put names into.For the next … Continue reading TBR Jar ReadAThon πŸ’« Round #7 Announcement!

NEWTs Edition – Magical ReadAThon TBR

My second TBR of the day! Don't worry, there will be a 3rd too, just maybe not today ReadAThon Announcement! If you don't know already Magical ReadAThon is a 2 part ReadAThon that occurs in April & August. The first part is your OWLs. In this round you read books to receive grades in Hogwarts … Continue reading NEWTs Edition – Magical ReadAThon TBR