Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli – Spoilery Review

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Title: Leah on the Offbeat
Becky Albertalli
Series Name: 
Creekwood #2
YA Diverse Contemporary
Publication Date: April 24th, 2018
Pages: 339 (Paperback)
Publishers: Penguin Random House UK
2 star

Goodreads Synopsis

Leah Burke—girl-band drummer, master of deadpan, and Simon Spier’s best friend from the award-winning Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda—takes center stage in this novel of first love and senior-year angst.

When it comes to drumming, Leah Burke is usually on beat—but real life isn’t always so rhythmic. An anomaly in her friend group, she’s the only child of a young, single mom, and her life is decidedly less privileged. She loves to draw but is too self-conscious to show it. And even though her mom knows she’s bisexual, she hasn’t mustered the courage to tell her friends—not even her openly gay BFF, Simon.

So Leah really doesn’t know what to do when her rock-solid friend group starts to fracture in unexpected ways. With prom and college on the horizon, tensions are running high. It’s hard for Leah to strike the right note while the people she loves are fighting—especially when she realizes she might love one of them more than she ever intended


This is the spoilery portion of this review! If you haven’t read the Spoiler Free section yet you will need to before reading this spoiler review. Find my Spoiler Free Review HERE!
This is mainly just where I want to elaborate on a couple things I spoke about in my Spoiler Free Review and also mention a couple other things that I had no way of discussing without spoilers.

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Firstly let’s talk about a few more things I had an issue with to do with Leah and elaborate on a couple things.

Let me talk about something I mentioned in the Anger Management Issues section. As I said half the time the reason she snapped was over nothing much. One example of this, the love interest, Abby & the guy Leah is leading on, Garrett is talking and they bring up the trip that Abby and Leah will be taking soon. Abby makes a joke and says “What happens in Athens stays in Athens” & Garrett replies with a raised eyebrow and a “Say no more”. They are just messing around but Leah takes it to a whole other level. She snaps & storms off and what is going through her head is that if Garrett is interested he should have taken Abby’s comment as a threat to his relationship and that if one of the guys said it there would be competition.
So first thing, he does know you are bi or that Abby is, so why would he think that is a threat to his relationship, my mates and I say shit like this all the time, that doesn’t mean we are hitting on each other… Second Abby has a boyfriend, yeah not everyone is loyal but you would think one of your friends wouldn’t go round actually flirting with someone else just to create issues in your relationship. Third, YOU ARE LEADING HIM ON!!! What do you care if he feels threatened anyway!
THENNNNN after this happens, the next day Garrett texts and apologises and Leah makes him promise to “stop being a dick” Uhm HI. He did nothing wrong except join in a joke! You’re the one throwing tantrums and acting like an ass.

My next point is actually related to the end of that last one and it is how Leah treats Garrett. Not only does she give him false hope and leads him on but she lies to him as mentioned in my spoiler free review. She also refers to him as ‘only Garrett’ more than once, like he isn’t even worth her time at all. She calls him annoying ALL THE DAMN TIME but in the book he does nothing annoying towards her except the awkward stages where he is nervous about how Leah feels about him and he is asking her to games or complimenting her and such. Not annoying, just nervous. If you have told the truth from the beginning this wouldn’t be happening because he would know you aren’t interested. Then there was this bombshell of a comment!
“I have to admit, I like the feeling of being pursued, even if it’s only Garrett. It just feels nice. And maybe nice is kind of refreshing.”
So you are leading him on because it feels nice to have someone interested in you. Wow bitch, wow.

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I just want to touch on something Leah thinks at one point. This has more to do with why the author included this than about Leah herself. So that is why this is in the writing section. I actually saw a picture of this quote on Facebook but didn’t realise it was from this book as the person didn’t say. But this is the quote
“The daily cringe, starring Garrett Laughlin. Today’s episode: Garrett missed the memo  about not calling women ladies
Overall, this is just confusing. I think I may have missed the memo on what the problem is with calling people ladies too. When I first read it I thought it may have had something to do with not assuming labels and prefixes and such. But in the sentence, she calls them women, so it obviously has nothing to do with what names/words people choose to identify with. So I have no bloody idea what the problem is with calling a group ‘ladies’… I understand some women not liking being called ‘madam’ as that has more that one meaning and the one people have an issue with is that it can refer to a female pimp of sorts in the prostitution world. However, if someone knows why ‘ladies’ is an issue please enlighten me because no one had an answer on that post I saw on facebook either. I even looked it up on Urban dictionary because I thought I might have missed something but no ‘lady’ there means pretty positive things. So I don’t know.

Okay, now next I want to talk about the biggest problem I  had and this was the one that I saw prior to reading the book and that is the “lowkey bi” situation. If you don’t know. In the book, Abby comes out to Leah as ‘Lowkey bi’. She is only just trying to come out and figure out her sexuality. She always thought she was straight, but with Leah, she is realising that may not be true. Which is great, a lot of people realise their sexuality when they meet a certain person that makes them realise.
The negative thing about this is when Abby comes out to Leah she completely shuts Abby down. She tells her that ‘lowkey bi’ isn’t a thing and tries to force her to come out as bisexual because she is just in denial. I’ll add quotes just so you get the full blow of it.

” “I don’t think I’m straight,” she says, and my heart almost stops.
“I don’t know,” she adds finally. “I guess I’m lowkey bisexual?”

“I don’t think that’s a thing.”
“What? It totally is.” She pokes my arm. “lowkey bi.”
“You’re either bi or you’re not. That’s like being a little bit pregnant.”
“That’s a thing, too. Why can’t you be a little bit pregnant?”
“I think that’s just called pregnant.”
“Well, I’m a little bit bi, and I’m sticking with that.”
I sit up. “I don’t get you.”
I shake my head. “Lowkey bi, a little bit bi. Just be bi. Like, come on.”
“What? No.” She draws herself up. “You don’t get to decide my label.”
“It’s not a real label!”
Well, it’s real for me.”….
“Jesus Christ, Abby.” I press my hands over my eyes. “I want you to stop messing with my head.”
“I’m not—“
“Seriously? Lowkey bi?” I laugh flatly. “Otherwise known as what—you’re bi, but don’t want to admit it? I’m not saying you have to march in a Pride parade. You don’t have to come out. But God. At least admit it to yourself.”…. “

This entire thing is not fucking on! Leah never even apologises for this or even ever thinks that maybe she was wrong. After she walks off it is never mentioned again and then later Abby just comes out as bi.
At no point should you ever force someone into a box or force a label on someone! If someone wants to come out as bisexual, awesome and if someone wants to come out as ‘lowkey bi’ that’s amazing too. In this instance, she was just trying to figure everything out and if ‘lowkey bi’ is what suited what she felt then she has every right to use it. After reading ‘lowkey bi’ I thought, yeah that makes sense a little for me too. I’m bisexual, I not sure if I 100% love that specific label as I feel that I like males and females differently, so lowkey bi also kinda works for me, still not spot on but it doesn’t have to be. Sexuality is about expressing who you are and who you are attracted to, everyone is different and there isn’t just one word to describe every group.

The lowkey bi thing really was the downfall of this book! I love Albertalli’s other books for the diversity and how it also sends a good message, to be who you are and choose what you want. But this does not sit right with me at all. This is not the only quote from this book that actually got under my skin. In a book where you are trying to relate and help people these quotes just aren’t fair. If you want to use quotes like this then fine, but have another character call that person out and make sure the person that says it realises how wrong it is, especially when it is the main character that we are meant to enjoy! Make a lesson out of it! But how it was used in this book, I just can’t accept that and I most likely won’t support this author again when these are the types of messages she is sending to readers.

 Copy of Goodreads Synopsis

Well, I think that is all I want to talk about. There were other things that bugged me, but I have been working on this review for 4 days now and I’m sick of pulling myself down every time I have to remember the hurtful shit that was in this book. So I am ending it here.



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Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Leah on the Offbeat
Becky Albertalli
Series Name: 
Creekwood #2
YA Diverse Contemporary
Publication Date: April 24th, 2018
Pages: 339 (Paperback)
Publishers: Penguin Random House UK
2 star

Goodreads Synopsis

Leah Burke—girl-band drummer, master of deadpan, and Simon Spier’s best friend from the award-winning Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda—takes center stage in this novel of first love and senior-year angst.

When it comes to drumming, Leah Burke is usually on beat—but real life isn’t always so rhythmic. An anomaly in her friend group, she’s the only child of a young, single mom, and her life is decidedly less privileged. She loves to draw but is too self-conscious to show it. And even though her mom knows she’s bisexual, she hasn’t mustered the courage to tell her friends—not even her openly gay BFF, Simon.

So Leah really doesn’t know what to do when her rock-solid friend group starts to fracture in unexpected ways. With prom and college on the horizon, tensions are running high. It’s hard for Leah to strike the right note while the people she loves are fighting—especially when she realizes she might love one of them more than she ever intended


Okay, so I have read this and I have a lot of thoughts to share. I will be splitting this review into Spoiler Free & Spoilery! I will post both at the same time but you will need to read this one to understand the spoilery one. You can find the Spoilery review HERE!! This review also won’t be following my usual format, I will basically just be saying whatever I think of at the time.

I will try and use some quotes, but  I will use the name BOB for all character names in said quote so as no spoilers.

Okay, so I didn’t particularly like this book. Originally I was thinking about setting this review up as ‘what I loved’ & ‘what I hated’ but honestly I didn’t enjoy much. I wouldn’t even say I ‘liked’ much, it was more things that I didn’t like and thinks that I didn’t absolutely hate.

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However, what I did like was Simon & Blue. I am saying blue, so as not to spoil Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I did enjoy their relationship in the book. I’m not a romance person but they are cute. They add a little ray of sunshine to this not so great book.

Second I do like the range of diversity, even if I don’t like how the bisexual situation was handled (see that in my spoilery review). We had LGBT characters, POC, half Chinese, Jewish and more.

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My main problem with the book is the MC, Leah. It’s been a while since reading Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda so I didn’t remember a tonne about Leah, so I can’t fully comment on whether she has changed as that seems to be a lot of peoples problem in this book. However, I can talk about some of the reasons I didn’t like her.

1. Firstly, the amount of inappropriate negative things that goes through her head is just beyond a joke. She judges nearly everyone that isn’t in her direct friend group & even some of them get judged actually. Let me give you a quote!
“I have a theory that BOB literally gets off on the sound of her own voice. I’m pretty sure she’s having tiny secret orgasms right before our eyes.”
Then there is how she thinks about her friends. She describes one friend as “embarrassingly hetero”. No girl, no. Unless someone actually straight out tells you at some point that ‘I am straight’ then don’t go around thinking shit like that! You got angry at other characters when they assumed hetero things about you?!?! How is that any different from what you just did?!
2. She leads people on for no better reason than half the time she forgets they exist and the other half it makes her feel nice to be wanted (see spoilery section for a quote). She also half arse attempts to tell the truth a couple times but changes her mind because it will be awkward. Of course, it is awkward, you are about to reject someone that you think has a crush on, it’s going to be weird. But you NEVER LEAD SOMEONE ON!! It is not fair on them at all and it is just so damn sad! Then she has the nerve to get up a different character later on for leading her on and sending weird signals!!! UHM HELLO!
3. Her every second thought contradicted the one before it. As you can probably see by reading my first two points here. She gets annoyed when people assume she is straight but she does the same thing because that person has a boyfriend. Uhmmm, bisexuals like both, so we can blend in pretty well with the straight people sometimes.. She leads someone on and then later has a go at another character because she thinks that character is doing the same thing. This happens more than just these two explains, but I could be here all night explaining each.
4. The way she treats her mother, Jessica, my god. She is rude, blatantly doesn’t care about her mum’s opinions on things & the way she acts about her mum’s boyfriend good lord. She can’t just accept that her Mum is happy and likes this guy, no he is just a douche because he has a fancy job and money and offers to help them out. Let me give you a quote that literally floored me. I had to pause and make sure I read it right because I was shocked.
“”Why do I love BOB?”
“I get the money thing, obviously.””
Do you think so little of your mother that she would be in a relationship with someone just for the money? It would be different if she was draining him of money and buying fancy stuff and holidaying and crap like that, then you might be able to breach that subject with her. But no your mother still works her ass off to barely make ends meet, even with a rich boyfriend! So that makes no damn sense! And my god if I said that to my Mum I would get a whack around the ears. Apparently, respect for parents has gone out the window. I always complain that parents are absent in most YA but this bitch has a really nice caring and kinda fun Mum and she treats her like crap!!
5. THE LYING!!! You literally lied to someone that you went to a soccer game when someone asks you to come to the game and watch them. You felt like shit, I get it but instead of straight out lying you could have just told him you weren’t feeling up to it because that is the TRUTH! Good lord she lies sooo damn much it is not funny and in her head, she is always thinking ‘oh I should have told the truth, too late now.’ No girl you turn your arse around and march back over that and tell the truth! They are your friends and even best friends! Come on!
6. Definite anger management problems. Literally, someone would do something or say something that Leah didn’t like and she would throw a tantrum and storm off. Most of the time the thing that set her off was something that meant absolutely nothing (Again see the spoilery section for explanation and quotes).

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Now let’s talk about the writing a little.
1. Firstly we have the romance, I won’t say who, but I will say that it is plainly obviously about 60 pages in who the love interest is going to be. I also kinda felt like at the start the interest felt fake. It felt like this for a couple reasons, one for how the author wrote their interactions and how Leah reacted to those interactions. She could barely function whenever the love interest talked to her, but she had NO IDEA that she liked this person even a little apparently. The other reason was that it was just over the top. Leah’s every thought is the love interest and every single time she is described as perfect but confusing. It was like the author was just trying to emphasise that this is the person Leah has a crush on, just in case you missed the first 50 hints. It just felt so forced and fake. It felt a little more realistic towards the very end though and that is where the story just turned into a typical soppy YA love story.
2. Next, we have the references to pop culture. Usually, I don’t mind a couple, but in this book, it felt like these references were just being thrown in to be relatable. They were all over the place really.
3. How many times a page can one person use ‘God’ as an exclamation?!?! I don’t know, but you will find out in this book.
4. If Leah doesn’t say once a chapter that she ‘doesn’t understand’ the love interesting and that they are confusing, she says it like 20 fucking times a chapter!
I literally wrote in the thoughts part of Bookly while reading this “If she says she doesn’t understand BOB one more time I will throw this book across the creek on my walk this arvo”

Goodreads Synopsis (3)

Uhmm what plot??? It is basically none existent. This is more pure romance than Becky’s other books. Like Simon had the blackmail situation & Upside there is a bit going on, there is the romance, the anxiety, the stuff with her and her sister, there is their Mum’s wedding & so much going on. But in Leah there it is literally just a typical high school romance and prom. The only difference from half the prom type movies & books is that there are gay people involved.

Also what little plot there was present was very predictable. I knew basically the whole plot after the first 1/3 of the book and I was pretty spot on. This is why I don’t read contemporary! Real life is too damn predictable. It’s not like in fantasy where you think you have everything figured out and then the love interest turns into a bloody werewolf or something! I need unpredictability!!

Goodreads Synopsis (4)

Besides Leah, Simon & Blue the other characters kinda felt a bit weird or flat to me. There was one character who completely went off the rails after a breakup but it was never mentioned how he sorted that out in the end and whether he calmed down as the story cut off before any chance of that happening. There was also a racist side character that just kinda felt like it was thrown in there just for a plot point. It didn’t actually add anything to the book except an argument & that a POC has to deal with comments like that often.

Copy of Goodreads Synopsis

Well, I think that is all. If you want spoilery thoughts as well go HERE!


IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHARE SPOILERS please do that in the spoilery post.


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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – Spoiler Free Review

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Title: Six of Crows
Leigh Bardugo
Series Name: Six of Crows
YA Fantasy
Publication Date: Sept 29th, 2015
Pages: 462 (Hardback)
Publishers: Square Fish
4 and a half star

New Blog Title (8)

Ketterdam: a bustling hub of international trade where anything can be had for the right price—and no one knows that better than criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker. Kaz is offered a chance at a deadly heist that could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But he can’t pull it off alone…

A convict with a thirst for revenge.

A sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager.

A runaway with a privileged past.

A spy known as the Wraith.

A Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums.

A thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.

Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction—if they don’t kill each other first.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo returns to the breathtaking world of the Grishaverse in this unforgettable tale about the opportunity—and the adventure—of a lifetime.


New Blog Title (5)

I honestly don’t really love this cover. It’s just kinda meh. I like that the buildings are hidden in the feathers of the crow but it’s still just boring to me. It’s definitely not as nice at the new Grisha covers either. They are gorgeous!!

New Blog Title (1)

I really enjoyed the writing in this book. The world building was really good and the character development/depth was amazing. I loved the snippets from the past too. They really helped to develop the world and the backstories for all the characters. They added meaning to the actions of the characters and they didn’t feel like they had just been thrown in their, they had a real purpose.
I also loved the Multi POV! This book would not have been anywhere near as good if it had just been from one POV. Each character had a unique voice and even though I was listening to the audiobook and each character literally had a different voice, you could still tell by the writing whose POV you were reading from. They all felt like their own characters which was amazing.

Also, you do not need to read The Grish Trilogy to understand the world in this one. I have read Shadow and Bone, but haven’t finished the other 2 books. Even though I feel like the Grisha powers are talked about and explained a bit more in Shadow and Bone, they aren’t necessary to know about to read this one as honestly it’s been so long since I read Shadow and Bone that I had forgotten anyway.

Something that I wish was a more detailed map! The big map is awesome but it’s like looking for my hometown on a world map, you know it must be there somewhere but you don’t know where. There is also the map of The Ice Court itself which was awesome and I’m so glad they added it, it made it a lot easier to visualise what was going on as that place is confusing no matter how well it is described.

New Blog Title (2)

I was a little iffy going into this book for the plot. I knew it was about 6 people and a heist. It’s on the front cover but I was thinking surely 1 heist can’t last near 500 pages! There has to be more.
I was not disappointed though. The plot was so good! Yes, it is just about the heist and yes that heist and the little bit of lead up to it takes up the whole 462 pages, but it was worth it. The plot is so action-packed and gripping that you don’t want to put it down! You just wanna know what comes next!

New Blog Title (3)

Okay, so there are alot of character to talk about but first I want to talk about the ‘romances’. I wouldn’t specifically say any of them are particularly romantic, but there aren’t any other words for it.
So there are 3 of these relationships, 2 I like and one not so much. There is only one I’m actually going to talk about and name the characters as everyone talks about it and I feel like most people would have already been spoiled for it already. And that is Kaz & Inej and this is the relationship that I don’t actually like. I love Inej and I don’t love Kaz as much as. I’ll talk about that down below, but because I didn’t like him and I liked Inej so much I just didn’t like it.
As for the other 2 relationships, one is all over the place and it you never know whether they are going to end up back together or not! But it was enjoyable. And the other relationship is an LGBT relationship and it was never outright stated but there were hints and you so want it to happen! I’m not even someone that enjoys romance in books but I am shipping those two!

Now onto the characters themselves!

Kaz, as I said above, I didn’t enjoy. I am not 100% sure why I didn’t like him but he just got on my nerve. He also really reminded me of Jaxon Hall from The Bone Season and he was a dick. If you have read both series, I hope you understand what I mean. They are both heads of ‘gangs’ in the underworld of a city that is made of violence, gangs and people trying to prove dominance. They are both also kinda cruel, they hire people into their ‘gang’ (not always giving them a real choice) & they kinda treat those in their gang like crap (always undermining them, throwing them into danger without giving them full details and treating them as tools and not humans). I think it was this similarity with Jaxon Hall that made me really not like Kaz.

Inej was an amazing character. She is badass in all ways! However, she has a darker past and she struggles with dealing with that in this book. She pushes through and comes out on top and it was great! She is incredibly strong as well. Even when she is struggling and it looks like everything is going to fall apart she thinks of the others in the group and pushes herself through.

Nina was a very passionate, determined & strong. She was very determined to do what she thought was right when it came to her people. She does not let people sway her. She is also extremely loyal to the people around her and she would risk herself to help them.

Jesper is funny, flirty and sarcastic and it was an awesome contrast to the seriousness of most of the other characters. Jesper was daring and cunning. He never really doubted himself and just jumped into things but he wasn’t cocky about his confidence which I enjoyed.

Matthias was an enjoyable character when he wasn’t sprouting the ‘Grisha are horrible and should be put to death’ shit. But that is how he was raised, so I don’t really hate him for it but it was a bit frustrating.

Wyland was an off character. I liked him but because the others kept calling him kid and stuff it made him feel like he was a lot younger than he was. So it was kinda hard for me to get my head around the fact that he is around the same age as the others. I did like the romance he was involved in but at first, it felt weird due to the ‘him feeling younger part’. But when I actually thought about how old he was compared to the interest then it was a pretty well done romance of sorts. For once I am shipping a romance and I hope they actually end up together in Crooked Kingdoms and not just flirting.

New Blog Title (4)

I really enjoyed this book! The plot was great, the world is awesome, the writing was amazing and I loved the Multi POV!! The characters were mostly amazing too! Only disliking 1 out of 6 is pretty good I think. I hope we see more of the two girls & Jesper in Crooked Kingdoms as they are my favourites. Also that romance needs to happen as well!!

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Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Books That Feature LGBTQIAP+ Characters

Copy of Review Banner (11)

Top Ten Tuesday is a monthly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and you can find all the info and upcoming prompts Here.

Prompt: Ten Books That Feature Characters ____________: Examples: Ten books that feature black main characters, characters who hold interesting jobs, characters who have a mental illness, characters that are adopted, characters that play sports, etc, etc. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Review Titles (23)

1. The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


Lesbian twin sister with a pansexual girlfriend, same-sex parents (females) & there were also other LGBTQIAP+ characters that popped in as well but weren’t major characters.

2. You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour & David Levithan


This book starts on the night that kicks off pride week in San Fransisco! So you know there are going to be tonnes of LGBTQIAP+ characters. This book is Multi-POV following Kate who is lesbian & Mark who is Gay.

3. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee


The 1700s with a bisexual MC who is in love with his male best friend set off on an adventure that does not go to plan!

4. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

10015384._SY540_ (1)

A coming out story for a Gay MC with blackmail & mystery.

 5. Daughter of the Burning City by Amada Foody


One of Sorina’s illusions are lesbian (or maybe bisexual) and also this is just an amazing book and I couldn’t not put it here!

6. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

The rest are books that are on my TBR that have LGBTQIAP+ characters

7.  Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire


8. Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst


9. Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller


10. The Savage Dawn by Melissa Grey


What is your favourite LGBTQIAP+ book?!

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The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli – Spoiler Free Review

Review Header Image (42)

Title: The Upside of Unrequited
Becky Albertalli
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: April 11th, 2017
Pages: 336 (Paperback)
Publishers: PUFFIN
5 Star

Blog Titles

Seventeen-year-old Molly Peskin-Suso knows all about unrequited love-she’s lived through it twenty-six times. She crushes hard and crushes often, but always in secret. Because no matter how many times her twin sister, Cassie, tells her to woman up, Molly can’t stomach the idea of rejection. So she’s careful. Fat girls always have to be careful.

Then a cute new girl enters Cassie’s orbit, and for the first time ever, Molly’s cynical twin is a lovesick mess. Meanwhile, Molly’s totally not dying of loneliness-except for the part where she is.
Luckily, Cassie’s new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster-boy sidekick. Will is funny, flirtatious, and just might be perfect crush material. Maybe more than crush material. And if Molly can win him over, she’ll get her first kiss and she’ll get her twin back.

There’s only one problem: Molly’s coworker, Reid. He’s an awkward Tolkien superfan, and there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him. Right?


Blog Titles (2)

So this is my first book by Becky Albertalli and now I realise what all the hype was about! The writing was amazing! It flowed well and even though this book isn’t action packed it always felt fast paced and I read this book so quickly! I think it was a total of about 3 hours last night before I was falling asleep and about 4 hours today I read the book in. The book hooked you and dragged you in! It was very hard to put it down!

I also really enjoyed that the story continued after the main romance part with the main character was over. The ending was probably my favourite part of this book!

Blog Titles (3)

I really enjoyed the plot of this book and also that the main plot wasn’t the only thing going on. There were other kind of plots going on in the background too which were really enjoyable as well.

I’m not a romance reader but this book was actually adorable. Like I said above I think the last bit was my favourite part and I was literally silently had tears running down my face in the last couple chapters (Happy tears).

Blog Titles (4)

I absolutely loved the hugely diverse cast of characters that were in this book.
First off we had a main female character, Molly, that suffered from anxiety and was . A lesbian twin sister, Cassie, (I think she was lesbian, it wasn’t strictly stated). We had a bisexual, Nadine and a lesbian, Patty (I think, again wasn’t strictly said) mothers of the twins and they also have a little brother. And did I mention that the kids were born through Artificial Insemination, one mother having the twins and the other having their little brother? Then there was also Cassie’s girlfriend who is pansexual. There was a gay couple that popped up at the end too. I think that is all, but there might have been more that I can’t recall while writing this.

I really enjoyed Molly as a character and I found her fairly relatable. I don’t suffer from anxiety myself but some of the thoughts she had throughout the book were definitely things that had gone through my head when I was younger. It was a little frustrating at times being her head because you just felt like shaking her and telling her to just do it! But I have never suffered from anxiety and I have also been a very loud and out there person and have never fully given a crap what people thought of me. But I fully understood that how I was thinking was not how anxiety works and I think reading this book made me a bit more aware of what it would be like to have anxiety.

Cassie was a little petty and annoying at times but fairly enjoyable. I liked the idea of her trying to help Molly get her first boyfriend but it did annoy me that she never actually asked if the person she wanted Molly to be with was actually the person Molly wanted to be with and in that case she was a little selfish.

Okay, Will did kinda annoy me. This next bit is going to be a little spoilery, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want spoilers. So he did lead Molly on. The casual talking and flirting were fine but what annoyed me was when he deliberately came and sat with Molly when she was sitting with Reid and then interrupted them when they were whispering together. Then also deliberately sleeping right up against her for no real reason… I don’t like people that lead others on and I didn’t like him after this part of the book. The rest he could have gotten away with being a casual flirt but not that night.

I really enjoyed Reid as a character. He was fun and quirky and I liked him since he met Molly and was wearing a Middle-Earth shirt! I’m in! I also liked that he was funny and knew that there was a time and a place for certain discussions. There is nothing worse than having an off conversation with someone and having to work the rest of your shift with them, so I liked that he knew his timing. I also liked that he seemed like someone you can easily start randomly talking to and end up friends and wouldn’t be weirded out by it. I like people like that.

I liked how understanding Olivia was and she also knew when something was up with Molly and she needed to get out.
Abby was a good character too, she was always there for Molly even though they were however far away from each other. Molly would only need to call her and she would be there. And can someone tell me in the comments if Abby’s best friend Simon is the Simon from Simon vs. the Homo sapiens Agenda (I haven’t read it so don’t spoil me please) I’m just curious?
I enjoyed Mina and how considerate she was most of the time. She tried to stay out of the family drama and if she was present she either pretended not to be listening or asked if they wanted her to leave. She knew that Cassie and Molly were important to each other and she tried not to get in the way of that.

Patty & Nadine were great parents! Firstly I love that we have parents in a YA book who are an actual part of the story as it’s rare but I also loved that their story was in this as well. The ending that I loved had a lot to do with them. They were fun Mums and would do anything for their children. Even if it was just going for a drive in the middle of the night because they knew one of the girls needed a distraction and to clear their head. They were always there for the girls but also the girls couldn’t get away with anything as they would definitely find out! I also love how openly breastfeeding was talked about in this book as most books just say something along the lines of ‘ baby was feeding’ but in this book, the author just went for it and I thought that was great!

And I think that is all the major characters, there were a few other characters that were present but not present enough to get an actual feel for them though!

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Overall I really enjoyed this book! It was a quick and easy read and I love that it was based right around the time that Marriage equality was legalised all over America! I couldn’t help but get excited in this book! Especially seen as it hasn’t been legalised in Australia yet but there is a lot of talk about it at the moment! I loved the diverse characters and the plot was really good too! This is definitely a cute but amazing book!


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More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera – Mini Spoiler Free Audiobook Review

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Title: More Happy Than Not
Adam Silvera
Narrator: Ramon de Ocampo
Genre: YA GLBT Contemporary
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2015
Pages: 300 (Paperback)
Publishers: Soho Teen
3 and a half star

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Part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, part Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Adam Silvera’s extraordinary debut novel offers a unique confrontation of race, class and sexuality during one charged near-future summer in the Bronx.

When it first gets announced, the Leteo Institute’s memory-alteration procedure seems too good to be true to Aaron Soto—miracle cure-alls don’t tend to pop up in the Bronx projects. Aaron can’t forget how he’s grown up poor, how his friends all seem to shrug him off, and how his father committed suicide in their one bedroom apartment. He has the support of his patient girlfriend, if not necessarily his distant brother and overworked mother, but it’s not enough.

Then Thomas shows up. He doesn’t mind Aaron’s obsession over the Scorpius Hawthorne books and has a sweet movie set-up on his roof. There are nicknames. Aaron’s not only able to be himself, but happiness feels easy with Thomas. The love Aaron discovers may cost him what’s left of his life, but since Aaron can’t suddenly stop being gay Leteo may be the only way out.


So I read this book via Audiobook but I want to reread it in physical form. This will be a kinda mini review as I will post a full review when I read the book.

So these mini reviews I occasional write will be set up differently to my normal reviews. Usually, I split my reviews up into the following sections: Cover Art, Writing, Plot, Characters & Overall. But these ones I’m going to separate into Likes & Dislikes and for this one, I’ll also add an Audiobook category.

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So I didn’t love the audiobook itself. For one thing, it sounded like the MC’s name was Erin but it is actually Aaron. So for the entire book, I thought it was Erin until adding the synopsis at the top of this review. So yeah I just thought that the MC was Erin and his brother was Eric.

Also, the narrator puts on different voices for each of the characters which all narrators do. But I had real trouble distinguishing between Aaron & Thomas’s voices when it was direct back and forth conversation where it didn’t say ‘……. said’ or similar. Which was really annoying.

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So in the synopsis, it says that Aaron is gay so there will be no actual spoilers.

Firstly the main thing that stood out to me was when Aaron was coming to terms with being gay and also when he was admitting it the first time. Every thought was shown that was going through his head and you see the actual struggle going on with himself which I liked because I have never read that before, most of the LGBTQIA+ books I have read weren’t coming out stories, so this was interesting.

I also loved all the little jokes that both Aaron & Thomas told, I actually loved out loud a fair few times!

I also really enjoyed how Thomas reacted to finding out about Aaron being gay. Especially the nickname they gave to ‘gay’ because Aaron still didn’t know how he felt about the label.

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Okay so I won’t say any names, but there is cheating in this book and it’s basically just there and no one makes a big deal about cheating. Personally, cheating is something I will not stand for in the slightest and I hated this part of the book!

I also strongly disagree with a certain person allowing the procedure when there were so many things that could go wrong. Risking the person’s life like that I do not agree with. If it had no possible side effects or ones that weren’t lasting damage then sure in that situation then sure but not with all those possible side effects.

There is no way I can say this next bit without spoilers! So don’t continue if you haven’t read it.
I also really disliked Aarons reaction to Thomas not being gay. Just because Thomas was understanding and didn’t automatically hate Aaron when he admitted he was gay doesn’t automatically mean he is gay too. And how Aaron kept trying to convince himself that Thomas was just lying to himself about being gay.  Even right at the end he still had this in his head. That really annoyed me.

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So I didn’t enjoy this but I had a few small issues with this. I do still want to give it another go by actually reading it eventually as I didn’t love the audiobook and I also found myself not 100% paying attention at times when the book was going a bit slow.


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