8 Bookish Small Businesses I’ve supported & Loved! πŸ“š

As a Small Business owner myself I love finding new & amazing businesses to support and share! I’ve had an ongoing series on my youtube sharing hauls from small businesses and sharing my honest thoughts for a while now. There is now 21 videos shared with a few more filmed ready for editing. You can find that Playlist HERE if you’re interested! I haven’t shared too much on this blog though so today I thought I would spotlight some of my fave bookish shops! Not all of these will be bookish specific shops but may have some bookish items available that I loved! Let’s jump in!

*I have been very lacking in my Bookstagram posting so I have very few photos of my own of these products! So I am simply going to use the listing photos from their website/Etsy. So for photo credit please see the corresponding shop link.


Starting off with RusticPagesCo which has absolutely stunning bookmarks! These are amazing quality and her art is just beautiful. I have the The Hobbit Bookmark & Cottage Pumpkin Patch Window Bookmark but that Narnia Through the Wardrobe Lamppost Bookmark is calling my name too! This store also has gorgeous prints & stickers available too.

Bumble & Birch

I’ve actually purchased from these guys twice now as they just keep releasing more and more incredible things! Even while going on there to grab links just now there is definitely one or two things I could add to my cart right now! Bumble & Birch sell wooden engraved bookmarks, journals, keychains, jewellery & more. I personally have a decent book mark collection, a keychain & a journal from them and they are all incredible quality! I have the Mountain & Forest Wooden Bookmark & Book Nerd Glasses Keychain but I’m seriously eyeing that 3D Fairytale Door Wood Journal! You’ll be glad to know I have added 6 things to my cart since I started writing this post….

Dash of Knutmegg

Let me just say this now. I am OBSESSED with this store! Dash of Knutmegg sell the most gorgeous prints (majority of which are Harry Potter inspired) and they have the more incredible detail to them! You could look at one of these prints every day and still pick up on some new detail you hadn’t noticed before. This might be a random reference but these art pieces remind me of the art on the (i think) jewellery box from The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda! If you know, you know. A Perfect Day at the Hovel (Burrow), Lessons with the Head Master (Dumbledore’s Office) & The Twin’s Joke Shop (Weasley Wizard Wheezes) are some of my faves!

Wait, I need a second lot of photos for this shop! Look at those details!!

Mum & Me Designs

This next one is an Aussie stationary shop which I just ordered from for the third time! Mum & Me Designs isn’t a bookish specific one but I fee like for a lot of people Bullet Journalling & reading goes hand in hand! So I had to include them! They do have a couple bookmarks including this stunning Shh.. I’m reading Bookmark and you can even get the matching Shh.. I’m reading Weekly Kit like I did. They also have this amazing new Books and Coffee Mini kit and so much more!


How freaking stunning is this art style! MarigonaSuliArt has everything from bookmarks to planner stickers to post cards and everything is gorgeous. The Books Sticker Sheet is so cute and the Book Witch Bookmark was the bookmark I used for my last physical read! I am definitely eyeing this really cute Astronomy Witch Post Card though!

Keeper of the Suns

Keeper of the Suns has the largest range of products out of all the ones mentioned and everything is so stinking cute! Pins, Lanyards, bookmarks, planner stickers, mugs, micro fibre glasses cloths! They have everything. I love everything I got include the Houseplant Sticker Sheet, Sakura Torii Gate Bookmark & the Winter Alpine Mug! Did I just place another order with these guys? Yep…

The Quirky Cup Collective

Gorgeous, shiny & bookish? What more can you want?! The Quirky Cup Collective has gorgeous bookmarks, journals, keychains, pens, enamel pins, cards book sleeves & so much more. I personally can’t attest to the book sleeves & other items but I did grab some bookmarks & a journal and they are all stunning and amazing quality! My favourites are the Cosmic Goddess Bookmark, La Lune Journal & Luna Moth Bookmark!

Art by Becky Cousins

Previously trading under Eleme Studious, Art by Beck Cousins is an artist I discovered on TikTok and fell in love! The House Plant Art Print was the artwork I originally saw and I just had to have it! I also love their leaf shaped bookmarks including the stunning Begonia Maculata Bookmark. I also had to grab some of the cute stickers like this Calathea Houseplant Sticker.

Well that is it for this post! I highly recommend all of these shops and everything is so stunning. If you have any small business recommendations please comment them below!

Thanks for reading! Eliza

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