Let’s talk Bullet Journalling πŸ–‹ Jan Spreads & Feb Set Up

Hey all! So I’ve decided to do a monthly post for bullet journalling to chat about new spreads I tried, things I want to try and also to show off some of my supplies from some amazing small businesses! So let’s just jump in.

January Spreads!

For January I chose a Baking theme & mostly used stickers from Mum & Me Handmade Designs Baking Weekly Kit as well as washi Tape from Kmart to decorate the pages. I chose to do a pretty basic drawing of a pie in the top left to fill some empty space but I prefer to use stickers in my spreads over drawing as I’m more of a Digital Artist thanks to being so indecisive. πŸ˜‚ Also the fonts I used as inspiration can both be found on Canva and they are called Andasia & Emitha.

My first spreads for Jan were my TBR & Reading Tracker! I accidentally printed the pictures a bit big but I ended up being able to fit them all. I did decide that I didn’t like that I didn’t have to option on this page to ‘tick off’ as I finished the book. So in Feb I decide to change this spread up completely!

As for the Reading Tracker I do love this spread but it was so much work getting it to look like this and get everything in the right place. Even then I messed up a couple little things. You can’t really tell but I know they are there! I went back to a coloured key tracker for Feb & I love it!

Next we have my Habit Trackers which is pretty simple and I have made some major changes for Feb as I HATE having to write all those tiny numbers over and over again!

I also have my Feb Adventures spread which is basically a brain dump/planning space for the adventures I have each month. I like having this big open space to do this, so I will be keeping this the same!

Lastly for the actual January spreads we have my reading log! I originally only set up one page for this but had to start a second page as I read so many books! You can check out all the books I read in my January Wrap Up!

On this one I also added this super cute Wayward Children themed stickers as I reread the series in January! This sticker can be found on Redbubble & it’s by the Artist Fan-tasm! Oh and the star rating stickers are also from Mum & Me Handmade Designs!

Before I set up February I also did a spread for my January Adventure! I travelled 1,000kms in 3 days and visited the Silo Art at Three Moon south of Monto in Qld, Australia! This was the last silo art in Qld that I had to visit. Next onto NSW! The paper in the corners was from a paper pack that I think I purchased at Kmart though they no longer sell this particular pack.

February Set Up!

I am posting this 8 days in so I have begun to fill it in already!

For February I went with a kinda Clouds/Moon/Dreams/Celestial kind of theme… I was inspired by Tiinasdiary for the clouds even though I ended up doing them a bit differently than her! The stickers are another set from Mum & Me Handmade Designs called the Sweet Dreams: Weekly Kit. This month I went with a completely different font & I really like it! It’s called Coco Biker and again can be found on Canva. It’s also the font I’m now using for my Youtube Thumbnails & Intro/Outros! It’s funky but basic and easy to read.

Next we have my fave spread of the month! I love how this one turned out. Firstly is my TBR which I decided to do a simple list where I can colour in the squares as I read the book. The sticker in the bottom right of that spread is from the artist AveriIllustrate on Redbubble!

As for the reading tracker I decided to go for something a bit simple. I also added a moon drawing with the clouds in the centre! I used a Tombow Dual Brush pen for the blue & the stars a Posca Paint Pen. As for the blue of the titles & also the colours used for the key they are mostly Dual Brush Pens from Anko which is the company that Kmart stocks! This is a 48 pack of Dual Brush Pens for only $8.00 AUD and they are pretty impressive quality for the price! As for any black I used a Pigma Micron in a range of sizes. For my Yearly & January spreads I used a different black fineliner but I’ve found it bleeds when using other pens over/next to it. So I’m back to the old fave.

Next we have my Reading Log which I did the exact same as last month and I left the page next to it blank so I can have more space if I need it. If I don’t then I will fill it with something else!

Lastly we have my Feb Adventures which again I’ve left fairly blank so I have plenty of room to plan anything I need.

Then we have my Habit Tracker which I have changed a fair bit from last month! Doing it this way means I only have to write the numbers out once & it’s a bit more complex but still pretty simple. I need to buy a Compass thingy so I can draw better circles though! Also the stickers where I wrote each habit fit perfectly with the size circles I did. So I’m pretty happy with that!

Well that is it for this post! Let me know what spreads you include in your monthly bullet journal! I don’t include weekly spreads in my bullet journal as I use my Always Fully Booked planner by Little Inkling Designs for that!

If you want to check out me updating my Bullet Journal & Always Fully Booked planner then you can check that out on my TikTok!

Thanks for reading! Eliza