Top 10 books read in 2020 ๐ŸŽ„ Blogmas Day 30

Today I am talking about the ten best books I read in 2020! This list will not be including rereads as of course I love them, as I reread them! These are not in order, simply a top 10. Let’s jump in!

1. The Hand on the Wall by Maureen Johnson

The Hand on the Wall is book 3 in the Truly Devious series which is one of my Top 5 all time favourite series! This series is beautifully written, has amazing characters, is completely unpredictable & very gripping! I can’t wait to get my hands on book 4 in this series!
Spoiler Free Review

2. The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerising Girl by Theodora Goss

I read the entire The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club series in 2020 but the last book was the best out of the three. I did love all of them but this one really topped it! This series is very mysterious, has an amazing group of badass characters & very unique.

3. Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Fawkes is a YA Historical Fantasy Standalone. This one is such an interesting concept. A plague that slowly turns people to stone. This world is very well developed and atmospheric. I loved the characters and I also enjoyed the discussion of racism in this one as it was both historical accurate as well as being questioned. Amazing!

4. Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Aurora Burning is the second book in the The Aurora Cycle series which is a YA Sci-fi trilogy. Aurora Burning is action packed, funny, thrilling & just drags you in and wonโ€™t let go! Aurora Burning also ended on a HUGE cliffhanger so I am very impatiently awaiting the release of book 3.

5. Fable by Adrienne Young

Fable is book 1 in a YA Fantasy duology that I read as an eARC. The characters in Fable were amazing and we also had some diversity thrown in there as well! The magic system was pretty unique in this one as well and I’m really keen to learn more about it in book 2. Fable was also very atmospheric & the world building was amazing!

6. The Bone Thief by Breanna Shields

The Bone Thief is book 2 in The Bone Charmer duology which is a YA Fantasy duology. This one has such a unique snd well developed magic system and I loved it! This is written so amazingly, the world building is incredible and I love the characters so much! This one does not get the hype it deserves.

7. The Tea Dragon Society by Kate O’Niell

The Tea Dragon Society is book 1 in a MG Fantasy Graphic Novel trilogy and I read all the books in 2020 but book 1 was definitely the best. The Tea Dragon Festival & The Tea Dragon Tapestry were both amazing as well but The Tea Dragon Society is the best of the lot. This is an extremely diverse book and it is so freaking cute and wholesome.

8. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games is book 1 in The Inheritance Games series which is a YA mystery duology. This one is so atmospheric & I loved learning the background about this family! It was fascinating and very mysterious. I can’t wait for book 2 to release.

9. They Called Us Enemy by George Takei

This graphic novel has gorgeous illustrations but it is also beautifully written. It is a very impactful story and also a unique one to me as I have never read a WWII book based around what a Japanese person dealt with, or what it was like in America during WWII. Highly recommend!

10. A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer

A Heart so Fierce and Broken is book 2 in the A Curse so Dark and Lonely series and book 3, A Vow so Bold and Deadly is coming out in early 2021 and I’m so keen! This series is amazing and I love the world and characters. It is very atmospheric & also has some amazing diversity rep.

Letโ€™s Chat!

What was your favourite read of 2020?

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