How to enter the TBR Jar ReadAThon Giveaway!

I realise I may not have explained everything very well in regards to the giveaway in my first attempt. Bare with this is all new territory. So here is a more revised bit of info!

The Giveaway is only for those participating in TBR Jar ReadAThon

 If you are participating then all you have to do is let people know on whichever platform you prefer (Instagram, Twitter, blog, Booktube, Litsy, etc.) that you are participating. Then go to my announcement post & in the comments either leave the link to your post or where I can find it (I know for Instagram & such it isn’t as easy to get a link as it is for other platforms, so just tell me where & your handle and I will check it out!) And that is how you enter! I will be contacting people on the platform that they link, but if you wish to be contacted elsewhere then please leave that platform & handle.

Make sure you use the Hashtag #TBRJarRAT & if it is on Twitter you can tag @TBRJarRAT too!

If you are unsure how to announce it, it could be as simple as posting a pic of your TBR jar and say you are getting ready of #TBRJarRAT or if you want a bit more then you can tell us all the books that are going in your TBR jar! Whatever works is fine, just make sure you link back to be entered!

If you have questions then please ask & I will get back to everyone ASAP!

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