Book Cover Reveals that are killing it this week!

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Okay so there has been some amazing cover reveals this week! I just wanted to share some of them!!
Not every one of these was revealed this week but I discovered them all this week.

Untitled design (13)


This is the US book cover and I am so keen to see the UK cover!

You can also find an excerpt of Must of Nightmares on Entertainment Weekly

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Angie Thomas on the come up

I saw this reveal on Angie Thomas’s Instagram!!

Untitled design (13)


I think this is the UK cover. It fits with those covers better than the US ones, so I’m just getting.

I found this one on Epic Reads. They have recently posted an Official List of Harper’s Fall Cover Reveals.

Untitled design (13)


I saw this cover on Mackenzi Lee’s Twitter account!

Untitled design (13)


This is another one that I saw on the Epic Reads List.

This was revealed on YA Books Central and they are also holding a giveaway, unfortunately, its US only.

Untitled design (13)


I haven’t read Even the Darkest Stars but as soon as I saw this cover it was bumped up a lot further on my TBR! She has a tiny dragon on her shoulder!

This one was revealed on Heather Fawcett Twitter!

Untitled design (13)


Another that I haven’t read the first book, but this cover is gorgeous!!

This one I saw on the Epic Reads List too.

Untitled design (13)

Which is your favourite cover I featured? Have I missed any recent YA cover reveals that I need to know about?! Let me know in the comments!



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