January 2018 Haul

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So I haven’t done a Haul for ages! I got behind and then couldn’t remember what I bought when! But this month I kept track! So here is my haul!!

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I couldn’t be bothered going and taking photos so I just took photos off the internet.

I also bought Baymax from Big Hero 6 & Olaf & Sven from Frozen but they were really crappy quality so I returned them. I will purchase the Olaf & Sven on again at some point but I probably won’t get the Baymax as he just didn’t look right! Maybe if I see the other versions in person they might look better.

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Well, that is everything I purchased/received in January! I’m so keen for Graevale the most!! As soon as I get through the ARCs I have I will be picking it up!



6 thoughts on “January 2018 Haul

  1. The Rajah Funko is so adorable, Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, I’ve been wanting to start a Funko collection, I might start with that one.

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    1. He is the only Aladdin one I have. I have seen jasmine but the only one I could find was the one with the red outfit and it’s a special edition sparkly one or something like that and it looks funny. So I haven’t got a Jasmine yet. I just want the original with the blue outfit.
      Oh and you can get a ‘Nerdy Jasmine’ which is just weird.

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