December 2017 TBR

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Here is my November TBR! I have been in a bit of a slump lately so this TBR is probably a tad ambitious. I will be putting which books I will be concentrating on and then what other books I might read if I finish those. I will be participating in 1 ReadAThon and that is the last Duodecathon which is from Christmas day until the end of the month.

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This is an ARC that I am currently reading!


Due to being in a bit of a slump I decided to reread a Harry Potter book and seen as I recently got the illustrated Prisoner of Azkaban I decided to reread it via illustrated!


This is just the Harry Potter audiobook that I am up to. It’s a bit odd reading 2 Harry Potter books at once but I’m enjoying it.

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This is the BOTM for my facebook group The YA Book Nerds!


This is another ARC I have that I need to read before the 15th which is the release date.


This is the sequel to an ARC that I need to read that releases in Feb 2018 and it’s also a 2017 debut so I am using it for a Duodecathon challenge.


Ruin and Rising is for Duodecathon. The challenge is read the first book on your shelf that you haven’t read. So, I just went to the top left of my TBR shelves and it was Ruin and Rising. But as I haven’t read Siege and Storm which comes before it I am going to have to read it before the Duodecathon.


I didn’t get to read it during the November Duodecathon so I will have to read it in December.

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These are all ARCs that I need to read.

That is it! Hopefully I will at least get the first books read!

What’s on your December TBR?!



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