Friday 5@5 – Standalones We Want As Series

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This meme is hosted by NovelKnight and here is what she posts to explain what this meme is.

Friday 5@5 is a weekly feature hosted here on NovelKnight to wrap up the week with a fun (and short) list because we know y’all want to get on with your weekends!

This weeks prompt is: Standalones we want as series

This post will only be 3 books, not 5. I generally read books that are part of series, so I haven’t actually read that many stand alones and the ones that I have read I either didn’t like or didn’t like enough to want them as a series. So I only have 3 books for this list today.

1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


2. Soundless by Richelle Mead


3. You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour & David Levithan


Well that is all for today, a lot shorter than usual, but I just don’t have any more books that fit this.

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