February 2017 Haul


Here we are again, as always I will include all Physical, Audiobooks, eBooks, Booksing Items and Subscription boxes in this post!

I haven’t received my World of Wizardry subscription box. I don’t know yet but if it doesn’t arrive soon I will be contacting them as it usually arrives the same day or a couple days after i get The YA Chronicles in the mail, so I don’t know why it is taking so long this month.

Physical Books



Bookish Items

HERE is the link to the etsy store and below I will put what each are meant to smell like and link to the individual candle.

I purchased 2 4-packs of 2oz candles

Herbology: Mint, Lemongrass & Floral

Happee Birthdae: Cake, chocolate & Icecream

Amortentia: Love, Hyacinth & Mystery Scent

Butterbeer Icecream: Butterscotch, Rum & Whipped Cream

Gryffindor: Fire, Vanilla, Berries & Spices

Slytherin: Citrus, Mint, Cedar

Hufflepuff: Cake & Vanilla Chai

Ravenclaw: Black Tea, Leather, Citrus & Herbs

Subscription Box


And that is all! I will have my Wrap-Up up a little later as well today!