December 2016 World of Wizardry Geek Gear Unboxing


Geek Gear has finally arrived! It usually turns up about the same day as The YA Chronicles but this time it was about 2 weeks late thanks to Christmas and all..

Worth the wait though!

What you need to know about the subscription box

So first I’ll tell you all you need to know about this Subscription box.

Here is the link to the website.

This subscription box is based in the UK and I live in Australia.. So, I will have UK pricing and Australia, but only shipping prices for Australia.

This subscription service offers a standard GeekGear box, a Harry Potter themed box (World of Wizardry), Mystery Mixed Past BoxMagical Mug Gift Box & Magical Git Box.

They also offer an automatically renewable subscription that is cheaper than a non-subscription. The links above are for the non-subscription box and here is the link for the cheaper auto renewal subscription.

World of Wizardry box and GeekGear boxes (Non-Subscription) are both £24.99 or $41.69 AUD
World of Wizardry box and GeekGear boxes (Automatic Renewal) are both £19.99 or $33.37 AUD
Mystery Mixed Past Box is £12.99 or $21.69 AUD
Magical Mug Gift Box is £9.99 or $16.67 AUD
Magical Gift Box is £19.99 or $33.37 AUD

Shipping to Australia is £5.99 or $10.00 AUD
Which is extremely good compared to a majority of international subscription boxes!

What I received

There is nothing written in the booklet this time except what the item is. So, I won’t be posting that like usual


Hogwarts House Beanie


Hogwarts House Gloves


Hogwarts Crest Key Ring


Harry Potter Cotton Mug Cover + White Mug


Hogwarts Crest Patch


Large Hogwarts Neon Magnet


Fantastic Beasts Artwork


J.K. Rowling Quote T-Shirt


Just realised I didn’t take a photo of just the shirt.. So there it is haha!

This shirt, you could have got it in Yellow or Black and I really wish I got the black one! I hate the colour yellow and don’t like wearing it… But, I absolutely adore this quote! 😢 The struggle!

The Info Book


Again, I absolutely loved this months box! Wish I got the black shirt though! Keen for next months! The hint it Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes!!!!


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