December 2016 The YA Chronicles Subscription Box Unboxing + Other Bookish Mail


I love book mail!!! Today I received my The YA Chronicles Subscription Box in the mail! I’m posting this straight away mainly because tomorrow I will be busy getting jobs done and packing for Holidays and then leaving on Friday and I don’t want to leave it and then have no time to do it or hurry through it and do a half arse job!

So here it is!

Also, yes I know I post Unboxings early, especially this one as it is Australian based and I get it before other countries. But, you chose to open this post and look at it, so it’s your own fault if you do spoil yourself for it.

Last months The YA Chronicles unboxing!

What You Need To Know About the Subscription Box

The YA Chronicles is based in Australia so for me this is great, being Australian the shipping is pretty cheap and the box gets to me quickly!

Here is the link to their website!

It says on the website that there is international shipping, so I’m assuming they ship everywhere, so I’m sorry if they don’t ship to your country!

I will only be posting costing in AUD, so if you want to know what it would cost in your country then you can go here to convert it, or comment your currency and I will tell you.

Cost of the Box: $29.99 AUD
Shipping to Aus and NZ: $9.99 AUD (this includes tracking)
Shipping internationally: $24.99 AUD (this includes tracking)

Also, this subscription box is not automatically recurring, so you do have to purchase it every month, which is good because it means you can easily pick and choose the themes that you want to purchase

In this box every month, you receive a new release paperback YA book, a TYAC bookmark with that month’s theme on the back and 2-5 other bookish items. Each month is themed and the theme is announced as soon as the subscription box goes on sale!

What I Received!

Volume Sixteen: Simply Wonderful

As always, I will write under each photo what is written on the description card that you get in the box.


Snitch Bracelet:


In a game of Quidditch, the snitch is nothing but a glint of gold in the sunlight. Yet the smallest ball is the most important of all, for catching the snitch can win you the game. Wear your new Golden Snitch bracelet and remember that there is no dream too small.

Book Button Magnet


We all know what happens when you get so absorbed in a book that real life no longer exists. This feeling is perfectly encapsulated by this I fell into a book button magnet from down the reading hole store on RedBubble.



Here at the YA chronicles we love tabbing our books. Multicoloured tabs to keep track of our favourite quotes or scenes. And so this month we have included sticky tabs from blossom books, a publisher from the netherlands. These are absolutely adorable and we love thema to death.

Washi Tape


Last, but not least, we’ve included one of three possible stunning washi tape designs for you to decorate all your favourite things. Use it to tape your presents or prettify your 2017 diary.

Finding Wonders by Jeannine Atkins


And now for something a little different: A novel in verse about three girls on three different time periods who grew up to become groundbreaking scientists. Maria Merian discovered the truth about metamorphosis and documented her findings in gorgeous paintings of the life cycle of insects. Mary Anning discovered fossils that would change people’s vision of the past. Maria Mitchell longed to discover a new comet. Read about their discoveries in our book of the month, finding wonders: Three girls who changed science by Jeannine Atkins.

Letter from the YA Chronicles Team


We’ve included a letter written by yours truly explaining why we have chosen this book for december.

I know this is really hard to read, it is hard enough to read that font as it is, so below I will put what this says!

Dear Reader,

We wanted to let you know why Finding Wonders meant so much to us that we decided to include it in our December box.

Finding Wonders is one of those books that you read and you come out feeling a little bit better about the world, happy that you’ve learnt something you didn’t know before, and content with the fact that you can make a difference, even if you don’t know you’re doing it yet.

All of the women written about in Finding Wonders lived in a time when education wasn’t openly available to them, and were not considered to be leaders of their own discoveries not that they let that stop them.

We hope Finding Wonders encourages you to be the difference you want to see in the world. We aspire to be a positive influence that encourages people to read widely and diversely and by doing this hope that we’re making that difference, no matter how small.

This holiday season we wanted to give the gift of a book that we hope inspires you to go out and follow what you love no matter the trials that fall in your path.

Happy reading!

Alison & Rebecca
The YA Chronicles

The Info Card


The YA Chronicles Monthly Bookmark


Aus YA Bloggers & Reads Secret Santa 2016

Today I received the book from my Secret Santa! Thank you heaps whoever you are.. I still don’t know who you are because there has been a couple peoples hints that could mean me, as some are very vague, so I have no idea!


Let me know if you recommend any subscription boxes that I should get! Especially if you are Australian too!


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  1. Yeah, that bracelet is awesome! With me, though, it would prob turn my wrist green…so if that starts to happen, paint some clear nail polish underneath to prevent flaking or the metal reacting with your skin: I ruined so many bracelets before I realized this!
    Lovely unboxing and book Mail!


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