October Haul

The Book Depository links are the paperback editions..

Physical Copies:

I’m kind annoyed as I already have the first book and it is the regular sized book and these were the smaller books and they aren’t as good a quality! They feel like the cheap mass produced copies..

I have bought the Supernatural books just to give them ago! I have no idea what to expect with them as I have mostly seen meh reviews for them! So let me know if you have read any of them and what you thought?! I have watched season 1 to 9 of the Supernatural seasons in order, so I’m hoping these are good as I loved the TV show!

Well these are books that I received in Subscription boxes this month (I received both September YA Chronicles, October YA Chronicles and the Gemina in the mail this month)

iBooks and eBooks:


Subscription Boxes:

Funko Pops:


  • Quidditch Harry Potter
  • Yule Ball Ron Weasley
  • Triwizard Tournament Harry Potter

Well that I think is everything! I may have missed something but I don’t remember haha.


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