July 2017 Haul

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So I have bought a fair few books this month as it was my birthday and I got money for my birthday, so I spent it on books and bookish items!

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I couldn’t resist the Moana & Pua pop! And then I also saw Frodo when I was on PopCultcha and had to grab him too!

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I got some candles from Fragrant Fables! There is the only one that I don’t like and that is the Caraval one, the scent is really strong! But the rest smell really good!

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When I saw these I had to get them! I absolutely love the Vampire Academy Series and there is hardly any bookmarks/candles or anything for this series! So when I saw these at Bookmark Library I put the whole set!


These are from In A Paper Forest. The three on the right are from her old stock and she had the price reduced to get rid of them so she could bring in the new sizing and card. And then the Ginny one I couldn’t say no to! It’s so gorgeous and is probably my favourite Ginny drawing I have seen!

So I bought these in two different lots but once I got my first order from ReadandWonder I had to get more!

Image 1: Isabelle Lightwood & Clary Fray/Fairchild
Image 2: Hermione, Ron, Luna, Harry, Hagrid & Dumbledore
Image 3: Queenie, Jacob, Tina & Newt
Image 4: Mor, Amren, Feyre, Elaine, Nesta, Cassian, Azriel & Rhysand
Image 5: Sam, Castiel & Dean

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Well, that is all of the stuff that I got in July! What books did you buy this month?! Have you bought any bookish candles or bookmarks this month?

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