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Cover Reveal – Whisper of the Tide by Sarah Tolcser

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I don’t do these often but this is the sequel to a book I really enjoyed and it’s a beautiful cover! So I had to share!


So this is the sequel to Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser which I read earlier this year! You can find my spoiler free review for Song of the Current HERE! This book releases June 2018 and I can’t wait!

Here is what the Song of the Current book cover looks like. There are 2 versions but I don’t know if one is UK and one is US or whether one is the Hardcover and one is the paperback. But either way, I have the one with the boat in it. I received it in The YA Chronicles subscription box a while ago now.

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Caro and Markos have settled into a routine: Wake up, eat breakfast, and try to figure out who might attempt to assassinate Markos today . . . so the currents aren’t exactly calm. Markos is in constant danger, and his claim to the throne is shaky without the support of an army. But then a powerful Archon offers Markos the military might he needs in exchange for marrying his daughter. Markos and Caro must decide which is more important: their love for each other or the fate of Akhaia.

With shipwrecks, lost treasure, old and new enemies, dark magic, and breathtaking romance, Sarah Tolcser weaves another epic story about chasing your fate and charting your own course


Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – The Empress (The Diabolic #2)

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So this is actually the first ‘cover reveal’ type post I have done, but I saw this cover and had to talk about it!

So last week S.J. Kincaid posted this cover reveal along with an excerpt for the sequel of The Diabolic, The Empress. HERE is the link to her post with the excerpt!

I don’t know how I feel about this cover as it doesn’t exactly match The Diabolic’s cover, but overall it’s a nice cover! The Raven (i think) breaking out of the dove is pretty cool!


Here is the cover for The Diabolic! They kinda are similar but not really.


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