The Book Nerds Book Exchange

The Book Nerds Book Exchange

Okay, you guys may have seen my post this morning asking who would be interested in a book exchange as I was ‘thinking about it’. Well, I may have lied, just a little.
I have actually been planning this for a while and just wanted to see if some people would be interested. A couple on here were & I posted on a couple other places too & got some interest. So I put all the finishing touches on the plans today. Created a Facebook Group & now everything is up and ready to go!!

And there she is! If you want to be in a book exchange where you send a book to someone and receive one in return then head on over to the group! Before you request to join please read the description of the group, request & answer the questions. You will need to read the pinned post for all the information on how everything will work & the rules! Then fill out the form linked in the pinned post with all your details. I will partner you with someone & sometime in the first week of August, I will send out all the partner details!

Well, I think that is all you need to know! If you want to join then jump on over to that group!

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