MateAThon Announcement

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Yes, I am hosting another ReadAThon!! As you may know, I am Aussie, so I decided to create a ReadAThon based on Australian Stereotypes!

MateAThon12th - 19th October

WHEN: starting at 12:01am on the 12th and finishing at midnight on the 19th of October in your timezone! Yes, it is 8 days because we Aussies like to do things a little different!

For this ReadAThon I have 3 awesome fellow Aussies as Cohosts! Make sure you go check them out!
Sam from OneBookishGirl
Jayce from ItsmeJayse on Youtube & Blog
Ellyn from allonsythornraxx

The first point of call. No, you do not have to be Aussie to participate!! 

You are planning on participating please use the hashtag #MateAThon on social media so we can see your posts!!

Now, what you are all here to know! Reading challenges!

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Firstly, each challenge is themed around Australian Stereotypes.

The Reading Challenges are optional. You can choose to do none, do a couple or do them all, it’s up to you. You are also welcome to use 1 book for 1 or 2 challenges, but no more than 2.


Only cook on a ‘Barbie’: Read a book with food on the cover


F*ck it’s hot: Read a hot recent release


We all eat Vegemite for breakfast, lunch & dinner: Read a book with black on the cover


MATE: Read a book that has the letters M, A, T & E somewhere on the cover

2007-01 - Australia

All the native animals want to kill/eat us: Read a book about assassins


We ride Kangaroos to school: Read a book set in school/uni/college


Every Aussie can surf: Read a book with an MC that has an interesting hobby


Every Aussie is tan: Read a book by an Aussie Author

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This is a Book Tag that goes along with the ReadAThon but is completely optional. If you wish to do the tag simply answer the questions in a post before or during the ReadAThon on any social media platform (Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Litsy, etc). Make sure you use #SotBBT so we can see your answers.
You are welcome to tag your friends even if they aren’t participating. While the Tag does go along with the ReadAThon you do not have to be participating to do the tag, it’s just a normal book tag.

Also please link back to me as the creator of the tag when posting.


1. Shrimp on the Barbie: A favourite book with food on the cover
2. G’day Mate: A favourite book by an Aussie Author
3. It’s always hot, everywhere: A hot new release you are anticipating?
4. All the wildlife want to kill us: What is your favourite bookish animal?
5. Everyone eats vegemite: A food mentioned in a book you would love to try?
6. Riding Kangaroos to school? Nah the cool kids ride Emus!: What fictional school would you like to attend?
7. Spiders the size of dinner plates: A favourite scary/thriller book?
8. We all talk in slang that no one but an Aussie can understand: What translated book is on your TBR that you really want to get to?
9. Everything that isn’t the coast, is a desert: A very baron read? (dull/boring)
10. We drink… A lot: What fictional character would you like to sit down and have a drink with?
11. Aussies only have 4 food groups – Steak, Meat Pies, Tim Tams & Sausages on bread: What are 4 books you think everyone should read?
12. No matter what time of the year an Aussie will always be wearing thongs: What is a book related essential you always use? e.g. a pen & ruler for annotating your books

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You can find MateAThon on Twitter & Instagram!

Twitter @MateAThon

Instagram @ MateAThon

We will be holding Twitter sprints throughout the ReadAThon.
There will be Instagram challenges. So make sure you go and follow and they will be posted in the week before the ReadAThon.

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Let me know if you are planning to participate! Make sure you use #MateAThon so I can see all your TBRs & posts!!


Purchase any of the books mentioned from Book Depository! World Wide Free Shipping.

Aussie? Want quick shipping? Awesome prices? Want to be able to use AfterPay? Maybe try Booktopia or Angus & Robertson!


Calling Aussie Book Bloggers!


I am currently organising an Australian themed ReadAThon for October!

I’m looking for fellow Aussies to help me cohost the ReadAThon!
I have posted this a couple places but realised that I didn’t even post it on my blog to see if any of you would like to help!

You do not have to be Aussie to participate but I would like all Aussies as the cohosts.

The whole thing will be based on Australian Stereotypes. The ReadAThon will be 8 days (12th – 19th of October) and will have 8 optional reading challenges to choose from.
There is also an Aussie Themed Book Tag to go along with it for the book bloggers & book tubers! The tag is also based on Stereotypes and is called the ‘Shrimp on the Barbie Book Tag’.


Just in case anyone was iffy about joining because they don’t know what being a cohost means, here are some of the things you will need to do:
– Participate in the ReadAThon (You don’t have to complete all 8 challenges, just do the best you can)
– Post an announcement for the ReadAThon to let others know it is happening & all the info (all the info will be provided)
– Post your TBR for the ReadAThon
– Post the Shrimp on the Barbie Book Tag on the 1st day of the ReadAThon
– Help with Twitter sprints
*If you don’t use Twitter this isn’t necessary however there will be a dedicated Twitter account for the ReadAThon so even if you don’t have an account you can still do the sprints if you want. But I know Twitter can be confusing as hell, especially if you have never used it, so this is optional.*

Well, I think that’s all you need to know! Let me know in the comments or message me @duskangelreads on Twitter or Instagram if you want to join.